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    Can't Get Alignment Due to Drag Link Nuts

    I made dealer replace Drag link so this would not happen. Most people don’t know they can adjust drag like once they weld there nuts. What a ****** up fox anyway weld nuts on drag link. Cheap cheap cheap
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    6.4 hemi oil read

    I’m just letting people know. Yes Amazon has it best price as well.
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    6.4 hemi oil read

    The 6.4 Hemi takes 0-40 BUT IT HAS TO BE MS 12633 material standards. Which Pennzoil ultra is only 1 of 3 oils that meet that standard. The others are hard to find. My dealer l was using had some no name brand that did not meet standards. Then called Ram tells me oil must meet standards so...
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    18 Powerwagon tire upgrade problems

    Update:: just had Nitto RIDGE GRAPPLER put on and the Toyo R/T taken off. What a difference no vibration on highway they look more aggressive on the side walls than the Toyo’s Got to say Discount tires always stands behind there tires and is worth every cent to get there Certificates They cover...
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    Tire question

    Go with michilen I switched to them on my ram 1500 larime 4x4 and got 65,000 out of the vs 20,000 out of those shitting Goodyear’s There a great highway tire.
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    18 Powerwagon tire upgrade problems

    Sounds like I got rejects
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    18 Powerwagon tire upgrade problems

    I wanted M/T but cause of COVID back order for few months, I just read a few reviews of the R/T they say there do have vibration in steering wheel otherwise good tires I don’t want vibration in my steering. They say the Nitto grappler has none and almost the same tread design and last just as...
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    18 Powerwagon tire upgrade problems

    Thank you ! I was told they separated companies can’t believe what you here
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    18 Powerwagon tire upgrade problems

    They Used to be but not anymore or two separate companies from what I’m told
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    18 Powerwagon tire upgrade problems

    I know everyone I know running Toyos has had good experience on there M/T’s Discount Tire Said they see a lot of Toyo’s with issues but 3 at once is nuts. Nitto’s are rated good hopefully
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    18 Powerwagon tire upgrade problems

    Dealer replaced draglink and Fup the alignment which worn out my front tires in 5,000 mile. So it was time to upgrade to 35x12.5x17 when with Toyos Opencounty R/T 3 out of 5 tires are bad wont bal so front ed shakes. There ordering Nittos for me instead. Any one ever had this happened my worn...
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    The real consequence of driving without insurance

    I agree lazy cop. But having wrong plates on car is Petitions license plates which that should’ve been a ticket in itself and not having insurance another one causing an accident driving without a license and on and on and on I will talk to an attorney what state are you in
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    Upgrading muffler from stock...

    I put on since the day I got my power wagon love the sound it’s not to loud in cab but real nice sound outside. It’s a kit my muffler guy said it was well built. Flow master says it tuned to the 6.4 hemi I believe it is a 50 series. Truck to quite with stock exhaust plus it seem to have more...
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    3.21 vs 3.92 Gear Ratio...will not be towing much.

    Well if mpg is important go with Diesel and you can get a chip and get really good gas mileage whether you’re towing you’re not. my power wagon does just as good as my 1500 in Laramie 12-19 mpg. Power Wagon by far better ride and performance. I loved my 1500 til wife told me I had to sell it...
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    Ram Boxes good or bad

    Every Truck should have them bar none. I never had them til I got my PW. I was always under impression you lost space in bed. The only space you lose is the useless space by wheel well. Still fits a 4’ wide sheet of plywood , but now you have lots of space. One side I put my 4x4 gear. The other...
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    Drag Link V06 Recall

    I agree you spend that kind of money and there fix is weld the nuts. NOTE: Most people don’t realize that you can’t have a wheel alignment done with those being welded. But now they said your dealer can do alignment only. No one else. I guess they doing so backwards shit to do it. Don’t know...
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    Drag Link 2018 PW

    Well most of you know of the recall. Drag link. Rams fix is to weld nuts. So you can never can do a wheel Alignment without replacing the Welded drag link assembly. I asked them when they were going to replace this with one so I can have my truck Front end aligned. There answer was it’s fixed...