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  1. Eric L

    Tailgate Assist Step

    This is what I have. Heininger 4045 HitchMate TruckStep for 2" Receiver,Black,Large
  2. Eric L

    Best AT tires for everyday use and snow?

    Personally, I like the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T. Excellent tires, snow rated, low road noise and 50K warranty.
  3. Eric L

    Brake cost 4/21/23

    I paid $820 plus core charge for Powerstop Z36 truck & tow including red calipers, zinc plated drilled/slotted rotors (don't rust) and carbon ceramic pads.
  4. Eric L

    2015 1500 hemi finally needing tires....what are your suggestions & providers?

    I had no name street tire in other words junk!
  5. Eric L

    2015 1500 hemi finally needing tires....what are your suggestions & providers?

    Just had Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A\T put on all around. $1200 installed and balanced . 60K warranty $100 rebate. 16\32 tread depth and best tires I've ever owned.
  6. Eric L

    Bed Cover

    I have the Retraxone MX. I had the quad fold but it was a pain in the butt because I had to fold the first section in order to access the swing out storage compartments. Also wouldn't fold all the way because of my Rinho light/roll bar.
  7. Eric L

    Swing Out Bed Storage Box

    I have both (right and left) and I love them. Excellent use of wasted space, they lock and easy to install and use. Highly recommended.
  8. Eric L

    Cold Air Intakes

    There isn't any CAI that gives the performance improvements they advertise unless you do many additional upgrades. I just really like the looks on the Vararam.
  9. Eric L

    Cold Air Intakes

  10. Eric L

    Cold Air Intakes

  11. Eric L

    Cold Air Intakes

  12. Eric L

    Cold Air Intakes

    I have S&B but hate it. Need to almost take it apart to change filter. I found the Vararam Air Grabber Intake 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi which I really like and will probably get one.
  13. Eric L

    Light Bar

    First post but I've read lots of good advice. I have a 2015 RAM and added a Go Rhino light bar at the front of the bed rails directly behind the cab. I am EXTREMELY picky and would like suggestions on how to route the wiring from the top of the light bar to the underside of the truck. I dont...