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    Crazy gages

    The dash cluster is notorious for bad "cold" welds during the manufacturing process at the factory and I know that it affected the RPM gauge. This same thing probably could apply to your fuel gauge. It might help you if you remove the dash cluster and retouch all of the cold welds with a...
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    What to check before buying 2007 Ram 2500 Megacab 5.9 SLT?

    Those trucks are famous for steering wander. Test drive it and see if the steering wheel has play. Inspect the truck with a buddy to manually turn the wheel while you look underside. Steering gear box to pittman arm, inner and outer tie rods. Also check the lower ball joints if you can. There...
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    2004 Cummins Ram Noise - Transfer Case?

    Sounds like your transfer "chain" inside the transfer is loose. I wouldn't be driving that truck any longer until you drop the transfer and split the case open to inspect it.
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    Military Roll Call!!

    Thank you for your support.
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    Military Roll Call!!

    Retired Army 1982-2005 Direct support mechanic and yes cummins as well.
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    Hello from Central Virginia

    I recently added a 2006 5.9 Dodge Ram to the stable and I am fairly impressed with the quality of parts, fit and finish and some of the corrosion control. I removed the dash to solder a couple of cold solder joints to repair the RPM function. It now works flawlessly. I am looking forward to...