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  1. Travis8352

    Possible hemi tick oil Never heard of this until about 10 minutes ago, is anyone familiar? Seems like another option for hemi tick. They advertise themselves as a pao and ester oil with no group 1, 2, 3 bases plus extra...
  2. Travis8352

    High volume oil pump

    So im trying to expand my knowledge on these engines. Who has installed a high volume oil pump and what were your results? Is it known whether a high volume pump would help prevent hemi tick?
  3. Travis8352

    Whos got the most miles on their 5.7?

    Just curious how many miles you guys have on your hemis. My 2018 is at 39,000 miles
  4. Travis8352

    Roof leak 2018 ram 1500

    i have searched a little bit today while at work about 4th gen roof leaks and it seems common that the 3rd brake light seal causes leaks? Mine just started today and i have water pouring out from the back passenger corner of my headliner right into the back seat. Is this something covered under...
  5. Travis8352

    Castrol edge extended performance and hemi tick

    i see the edge ep for a decent price at walmart and was wondering if anyone had good luck with this oil curing their hemi tick
  6. Travis8352

    Mobil 1 annual protection

    I am noticing the annual protection coming down in price at walmart. What is the general opinions on this oil in the 5.7? I understand it doesnt meet the chrysler spec i am just curious is all. I will still use pp for the time being
  7. Travis8352

    What actually causes hemi tick?

    I am new to ram. I have a 2018 1500 with 27k miles and it does not have the tick so I am wondering what causes it? I have read that redline oil seems to so the trick with quieting the tick. Currently running pennzoil platinum 5w20 at 6k intervals with a wix xp

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