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  1. Sweetee

    Sirius Access

    I knew my Access subscription was expiring soon so I called Sirius Access. Even with driving less miles due to the pandemic, I still like the connected services and was ready to renew for another year at the 149.99 rate. The rep told me that they are discontinuing the yearly rate because they...
  2. Sweetee

    Uconnect Update?!!?

    Just received a letter from FCA stating that my Uconnect needed an update. In the letter were detailed instructions and a USB flash drive. The instructions are quite detailed, but they also say that the user can take it to their dealer and the dealer will do the software update. I'm leaning...
  3. Sweetee

    Gearing, RPMs and Speed

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but I'm looking for some info that I would think be readily available. Car & Driver magazine usually posts a chart of gear speed, gear ratio, speed at 1000 rpm and max speed in each gear. I was able to find a review of our Chrysler Pacifica, but can not...
  4. Sweetee

    Sill Protection

    After researching for several months, I finally decided to go with this product ( to protect the door sills on our '17...
  5. Sweetee

    Cupholders well lit!

    I have seen a few threads about this, but they are quite long. I wanted to continue my interior "blue" theme so I went with a single blue LED for each cupholder. The cover comes off easily and a 1/4" hole down at the base at the back of each cupholder is the perfect location for the LED so...
  6. Sweetee

    Amber valence lights!

    I know there have been other threads, but some get so long so I thought I'd share my most recent project. I was able to have the dealer activate my DRLs and really like the "look." I added these to the front valence to compliment the DRL. The lites are from Amazon and seem to be holding up...
  7. Sweetee

    Autopark Functionality

    As the title says, I received a notice from U-Connect that there was a campaign on my truck for "autopark functionality. I read about the cruise control problem many FCA vehicles were subject to, but "autopark functionality" doesn't seem like it is the same. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Sweetee

    Questions about OPT7

    Our 2017 Laramie with the projectors is better than our old 2012 Express, but still not what we'd like. I know most recommend against going with LEDs with projectors. Just got an email from OPT7 advertising these. Thoughts?
  9. Sweetee

    Wise purchase confirmed!

    Today is the 6 month anniversary of our purchase! The longest drive I've taken up until today was about 30 miles. So far we've been super happy with the performance of our Pentastar Laramie while averaging about 20 mpg. Today I had the opportunity to go to O'Hare and back putting on about 320...
  10. Sweetee

    Snow & Slop!

    We can't brag about mega quantities of snow here in southern WI, but we finally got some. Average for 1/15 is 23" and we finally got 5" that brought our winter total to 8+" The new Laramie was wonderful in the snow this morning as I had a 12 mile drive on unplowed roads to get to my school...
  11. Sweetee

    Back up horn!

    I remember reading a thread from someone about how sounding horn on our Rams can be a challenge. However, I can't remember where I found it. None-the-less, I agree that getting a single "beep" can be difficult. When I push the horn pad on the steering wheel there appears to be a delay before...
  12. Sweetee

    Owner's Manual

    I almost hate to open this can of worms, but I am at least somewhat miffed. We took delivery of a new Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab the end of July and so far love it! With that said, I did download the owner's manual to my computer and have used it quite a bit. However, there comes those times...
  13. Sweetee

    I'm usually good at math.

    Having a '17 Laramie 4x4 CC with 3.6 and an enclosed cargo trailer, I have some confusion about weights. Hopefully, one of you can help me understand. My GCWR is 12,900 lbs. My truck weighs 5171 and I estimate my topper weighs in at about 200 lbs. Add in 225 for me and another 100 lbs for...
  14. Sweetee


    Just got a new Leer topper for my new Ram CC. I've had toppers on other trucks and have never had a problem with rain leaking in. The back hatch window design is new and functions very nicely. However, I've discovered that rain leaks in at the intersection of the hatch window/tailgate on each...
  15. Sweetee

    "I can see clearly now!"

    I know many have chased their tail trying to improve night-time lighting. My '12 Express was terrible and I started out by replacing OEM bulbs with higher output. Then I went to OPT7 LED headlights and HID fogs. Marginally better, but still not very good. I even mounted some driving lights...
  16. Sweetee

    New baby! "Big Red!"

    I truly didn't plan on trading yet this summer. My dealership had a low mileage '16 Laramie in Delmonico that just caught my eye. Was interested, but in doing research, I realized that with the 3.21 towing was very limited. Plus, it had been smoked in so the wife said to my great joy and...
  17. Sweetee

    My fault!

    I was backing out of the garage and before I could stop, my driver's side mirror made contact with the door jam. It was a light contact, but the plastic flexed enough to create several hairline cracks in the mirror! The housing is fine, but I need to replace the mirror. I ordered a...
  18. Sweetee

    Added some lighting!

    Long story short! I had some Hellas mounted behind the grill and one of the bulbs blew! I originally thought about replacing them with some LEDs as I want a bit more lighting for country driving. I picked these up on Amazon for a decent price...
  19. Sweetee

    Antenna help.

    I've had a shorty antenna for the past two years. It has worked well, but when I went to remove it today, it snapped off below the surrounding surface. Apparently, the adapter post wasn't stainless and rusted/corroded in the mount. I've ordered a new mount from my dealership, but it looks...
  20. Sweetee

    Occasional Hyperflash!?!?

    About three months ago, I finally went ahead and put LEDs in my directional/parking/brake lights. I used resistors at each corner and everything worked great for about 2+ months. Then, about 4 weeks ago, I experienced my first hyperflash on the left directional. The weird thing is that it...
  21. Sweetee

    LED at the corners

    I'm contemplating adding LEDs in my tail lights and front directionals. I know the general idea behind adding resistors to compensate for hyperflash or "bulb out" signals. Would adding a traditional bulb assembly that would be "buried serve the same function as a resistor? The LED bulbs would...
  22. Sweetee

    Footwell Lights

    I orginally ordered some 3W LED lights to mount on the front of our Town & Country for DRL. They have worked nicely, but I got 6 in the set and only used two. Having an Express, I miss having enough light in the cab, so I mounted one on each side of the center stack and tied them to my dome...
  23. Sweetee

    Center Jump Seat

    Will the center jump seat from a 2013-2014 Ram bolt into a 2012? I have a lead on one and would like to upgrade to one with cupholders.
  24. Sweetee

    Good idea or "hair-brained?"

    OK. I have the basic 130 radio in my 2012 Ram Express. I don't want to mess with my steering wheel, but would like to have controls closer to my hands. Would it be possible to get the steering wheel controls from a salvage yard truck, mount them on the dash behind the steering wheel and tie...
  25. Sweetee

    New trailer!!

    I was looking over my new Wells Cargo trailer and realized that the break-away system does not have a built in charger. As such, the battery would need to be removed to be charged. I guess I assumed that the + feed from the truck would charge the battery. However, the battery is not connected...