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    2015 2500 coolant flush

    Just finished a coolant flush on my 2150 2500. It wasn't that bad. The radiator drain was on the left side. Use a 10mm allen wrench. For filling, I disconnected the hose on the top radiator on the right side. This hose is from the coolant reservoir. Used distilled water and prestone flush...
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    Eaton Truetrac part number for 2015 Ram 2500 CTD

    Has anyone installed an Eaton Truetrac in the rear of 2015 RAM 2500 CTD? What is the part number of the Truetrac? Carlo
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    DPF delete but staying in stock settings

    I have a 2015 Ram 2500 CTD and will be out of warranty soon. It has 46K miles. My plan is to do a dpf delete when it comes time to do the EGR cleaning roughly at 69K. 1. On a dpf deleted truck, is there still an EGR cleaning requirement? No check engine light I am presuming. 2. Can I...
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    Has anyone been inspected for DPF delete in Oregon State

    I am getting close to the end of my warranty and planning to the dpf delete. Has anyone ever been inspected by the EPA or DEQ and failed because of doing the dpf delete?
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    S87 Recall

    Does anyone know the effects (mpg, HP) of this S87 recall? My 2015 ram 2500 is at the dealer today with this S87 recall fix. Carlo
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    DPF monitor using cellphone

    I tried the PLX Devices Kiwi 3 Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII adapter and the OBD Fusion app. It monitors EGTs and DPF line pressure. The adapter was $100 and the OBD Fusion app was $10. there are other cheaper OBD adapters out there. I chose the PLX Devices Kiwi 3 Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII because it...
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    Airlift Standard Duty compressor location

    Has anyone mounted the airlift standard duty air compressor inside the cabin? If yes, please post pictures. Carlo
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    6X9 speakers in front door for 2500

    Just to let everyone know, I just installed a set of JBL GX932 6X9 in the front door of my 2015 cummins crewcab. It fits without any modification. Carlo
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    First oil filter removal very hard

    Doing my first oil change and having difficulty in removing the oil filter in my 6.7L. Seems like the factory tightened it too much. Is it better to warm up the engine hopefully loosen the gasket or change it while it is cold? Any tricks out there? Carlo
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    Removing the rear view mirror button mount on windshield

    How do you remove the rear view mirror button mount on the windshield when it is in the black "Frit" area of the windshield? I know on a standard windshield without the black "Frit" area, it can be removed by applying heat on the button mount. I am not sure when it is in the black "Frit" area...