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  1. turboguard

    Wouldn't shift into reverse, code P1D92

    So I fired up my RAM and went to back out as usual, except when I stepped on the gas it acted like it was in neutral! I looked down and noticed the light above reverse was blinking. I could go back into park and go into drive, but reverse wouldn't engage. After a couple more attempts it...
  2. turboguard

    Fog Lights on only?

    Is there any way in alfaOBD to set it where you can turn the fog lights on even if your headlights are in auto mode and turned off? I searched the forums and couldn't find anything pertaining to this.
  3. turboguard

    Alpharex Pro G2 - DRL's to factory projector harness?

    Hi guys! So I just purchased my first NEW vehicle ever, a 2019 RAM Classic WARLOCK in stunning Delmonico Red. I am quite displeased with the "premium" projector lights they have in there, and after doing lots of research I've settled on these...