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  1. RLJ10X

    89 in 91 Hemi fever tune

    Dan, I don't trust that Diablosport hand held device. I've had one, about the same age, for my Mustang go bad. Diablo sport won't do a thing to help. They did give me some really bad advice, which I didn't follow. I'll just spend the extra $100. Elk hunting isn't a money making proposition...
  2. RLJ10X

    89 in 91 Hemi fever tune

    I actually have an 89 tune in my Diablo Sport hand held. But the Diablo Sport handheld for my Mustang crapped out on me. So I have no faith in those things. And I’d rather not take a chance on getting a tune half loaded two days before I have to leave.
  3. RLJ10X

    89 in 91 Hemi fever tune

    I apologize if this has been discussed before. I am going to drive 3500 miles. I am on a 91 hemi fever tune. What it hurt anything if I drove very conservatively on 89 octane fuel?
  4. RLJ10X

    6.7 weird tranny issue

    The dealership just down the road from me told me they will work on deleted trucks. The EPA, and no manual transmission option for the Cummins, is the reason why I won't have one of those things. You couldn't give me a flood truck; full of low bid Chinese sensors....ain't no way, no how. I...
  5. RLJ10X

    Used truck extended warranty questions

    The Check Engine Light came on just 3 days after you bought it. What a coincidence. Or not. I think they should give your money back. At the very least fix it at no charge.
  6. RLJ10X

    Traded in my 2017 6.4 Hemi for a new 3500 Cummins

    If you really did pay cash, congratulations on being weird. Seriously. About 80% of new trucks are financed. Your dealership made money. Guaranteed. If they didn't make much off of the truck you bought, they made money off the vehicle you traded in. But they made money off the deal somewhere.
  7. RLJ10X

    999,999 drivetrain warranty?

    The big sentence in that paragraph is “If it’s approved”. Good luck being at the mercy of someone that is looking to make money off of you. When you have cash in the bank, then YOU are in charge. Like I always say, it’s the lure of getting something for nothing is what sells those things.
  8. RLJ10X

    First Tow

    I love all old tractors. It doesn't matter what color they are. Love em all. I had '52 VAC Case for 20 years. I switched it over to 12 volts. With 12 volts, the Coils were hotter. The starter was stout enough survive 12 volts if you weren't on it too long. That tractor ALWAYS started. Ran great...
  9. RLJ10X

    Extended Warranty For The Win

    The lure of an extended warranty is "I am going to get something for nothing. Somebody else will take care of me." 15%, of warranty buyers win. 85% lose. Not good enough odds for me. Just like at a casino, you hear all about the winners. What if your furnace breaks and you have all your money...
  10. RLJ10X

    Sorry if this a repeat but multiple questions

    Catch can for crank case blow by.
  11. RLJ10X

    Sorry if this a repeat but multiple questions

    If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, I would do shorty headers. They were about $500 when I bought mine. It cost about $500 to have them installed. You may pick up 10 HP which would theoretically give you 400 HP bragging rights. Shortys could possibly help MPG. But what Shortlys...
  12. RLJ10X

    Hemi ECU tune for Cummins swap

    I wonder if the guys at ATS could help you. They managed to get an Allison, behind the Cummins, in a 2500, to work. Ev, what you're asking is way above our heads. I love the idea of a Cummins in a 1500. I said a million times that my 1999 Dakota would have been the greatest truck in the world...
  13. RLJ10X

    66RFE performance builds

    Its best to do as W1 advises and just not beat on the 5/6 speed. Just my humble opinion, but these trucks come out geared too tall for that transmission. Tall gears are extra stress on an already marginal transmission. Guys like big tires; more stress. With the big tires, the truck gets...
  14. RLJ10X

    Edelbrock supercharged

    This is just my 2 cents on Diablo sport tuners: The Diablo tuner for my ProCharged 2013 Mustang malfunctioned. I updated it. No luck. I contacted ProCharger. No luck. I contacted Diablo Sport "tech support ". Now if you don't believe this next part, I don't blame you because it's so bizarre. I...
  15. RLJ10X

    Traded in my 2017 6.4 Hemi for a new 3500 Cummins

    They make money from the LOAN, not the vehicle. If you financed your last vehicle, and rolled your payments over to the new vehicle, I guarentee, they got cha. They'll tell you on paper how they're giving you more for your old vehicle. Did you figure in on how much interest you paid on the...
  16. RLJ10X

    Help!!! Both calipers locked up..16' 2500

    ^I thought that too of my truck. I figured it had to be a malfunction in the BLD system. Nope. It turned out to be just a good old stuck caliper. He'll get it figured out.
  17. RLJ10X

    Help!!! Both calipers locked up..16' 2500

    The front right caliper on my 2011 Ram started dragging a few years ago. Old truck. Low mileage. Replaced caliper. All good ever since. The left rear caliper started dragging on my 2014 2 door Wrangler a couple of years ago. Old vehicle. Low mileage. Replaced caliper. All is well. It's kind...
  18. RLJ10X

    When Not to Use Redline Thread

    Burla, that was awesome as usual. My 2011 has only 55,000 miles on it. I bought it new. The local dealership changes the oil every 5000 miles and rotates the tires for about $32. They use 5W-20 Penzoil, I don't know for sure exactly which Penzoil 5W-20. I think it's the blended. It's the only...
  19. RLJ10X

    Traded in my 2017 6.4 Hemi for a new 3500 Cummins

    I’ve noticed often that guys who get stupid good deals never disclose any actual numbers. That could be because “stupid good” is not a standard unit of measure. If you think you’ve outsmarted a multi billion dollar corporation, with teams of lawyers and accountants, or the banks with with...
  20. RLJ10X

    P207F, my saga.

    Do any of the Cummins guys delete anymore? Or is that total taboo?
  21. RLJ10X

    What year did Ram change the exhaust manifold setup?

    I bought a set of shortys from Matt. Told my dealership to put them on (before I had a problem). Wrote the dealership a check. Not that big of a deal. it could not have been very expensive, because I can’t remember what it cost.
  22. RLJ10X

    The Big Picture........Fuel economy, tire sizing Tuning and Gearing

    Social, you don’t say what transmission you have, but… In my opinion, with the 545REF, 3.92s were too tall even with stock tires. 4.10s for stock tires. Probably 4.56s for 35s. 4.88 for 37s. I’m not a fan of 3.21s even in the 8 speed. The Pentistar needs more gear than 3.55s, for sure! When...
  23. RLJ10X

    New truck.

    Petal Commander and you'll like the Pentastar just fine. I'd miss that Yellow.
  24. RLJ10X

    Wheel Spacers with NO level/lift

    I've always heard that spacers, and deep dish wheels are hard on wheel bearings. I see guys all the time that have tires stick way out. Looks goofy to me. I always say "Hey look! The circus is coming to town". All things in moderation, Q. Post before and after pics. Budget for wheel...
  25. RLJ10X

    Tire Pressures

    Center tire wear is usually over inflation. But your pressures aren't that high.