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  1. turboguard

    I'm not a millennial.

    I can't understand why people don't like the rotary shifter for an automatic tranny. It cuts down on a lot of clutter and works just fine. Push button start, on the other hand....what happens when the truck fails to detect the key fob? I don't trust that crap.
  2. turboguard

    True or False:

    I think the best way to settle things is to set up a test with two identical trucks, one with PC and one without. Make it to where you can see the butterfly valve open and close, and compare the two. Would that really be too much work? I would think the companies would WANT to prove their...
  3. turboguard

    Cam failures or not. How many miles have you gone?

    I think the cam failure is vastly overblown for people who have normal use and regular maintenance. I expect to keep my truck until either the pistons implode or ICE is banned. And when the engine does give's Hellcrate time!
  4. turboguard

    Ram now spells Customer Service as ***

    This thread makes me so glad I went with a Classic 1500 with no etorque and all that crap. Also glad my 8 speed valve body went out in the first 5000 miles. I still had to wait a couple of weeks for a back ordered part, which wasn't really the dealerships fault.
  5. turboguard

    Tire question

    Cooper has the best commercials, so they get my vote. I'll probably try the Evolutions once my factory slip-n-slides finally wear down.
  6. turboguard

    Chrysler screwed me

    I blame everyone always saying to use a different oil than what the manual recommends in a blind attempt to solve the fabled "hemi tick".
  7. turboguard

    Ram warlocks suck and here's why....

    The only thing I'm having trouble finding is a bull bar, which I think would look great with the warlock grille. Why the heck don't they make bull bars for Rebels??
  8. turboguard

    New truck....4th gen?

    This may be my personal bias, but the 4th gen Warlocks are the best looking trucks on the road right now!
  9. turboguard

    So much for my shiny new Ram...

    Wasn't Ram rated the highest safety out of all the trucks? I know I always feel safe in my big ol Ram!
  10. turboguard

    Oil change - Not at the RAM dealership?

    The fact they don't make 7 quart jugs of oil...I just take it to the dealer and get the local coupon deal and call it even for not having to get under the truck
  11. turboguard

    Extended Warranty

    I've been pondering getting an extended warranty, but it looks like it will only go to 125k miles. Realistically, what could go wrong within that time that I couldn't fix myself for less than the warranty? If it starts ticking, a cam and lifter swap would be cheap and easy. Exhaust Manifold...
  12. turboguard

    UConnect update

    Just got it this morning too. Sometimes I'll get freezes in the morning when I start the truck, so hopefully the update fixes those.
  13. turboguard

    3.21 vs 3.92 Gear Ratio...will not be towing much.

    3.92 cuz bigger numbers = bigger peener
  14. turboguard

    Pedal Commander VS Pedal Monster

    Daily reminder these plug-and-play products can't modify internal power curves or lag inherent in the computer. The only thing they are doing is simulating you slamming your foot on the pedal faster.
  15. turboguard

    Another headlight thread from a lighting NOOB

    Both! Output and cutoff looks every bit as good as those fancy sedans with the high end projectors.
  16. turboguard

    Ram warranty/customer service nightmare

    Y'all should just ask to get those 5th gens traded in for the 4th gen classics! Not only a better looking truck, but more mature hardware!
  17. turboguard

    Thoughts on Flowmaster

    Carven Competitor. Even got my die-hard Ford coworkers to admit my Hemi sounded real good speeding off!
  18. turboguard

    Another headlight thread from a lighting NOOB

    I've had those alpharex housings paired with hikari ultras for about a year and they've been rock solid. They really set the truck apart from all the other 4th gens on the road!
  19. turboguard

    New Hemi owner

    Definitely not normal for the hemi...I have 3.92 2WD stock except for a Carven muffler, and just driving a short highway to work and around town I can average 18 mpg if I keep my foot off it at stops. Still has ridiculous passing power even at 60mph. Let us know if you figure it out!
  20. turboguard


    Love my Carven competitor. Makes it sound like a race car when I get on it. I also like the fact that it's made by hand by one guy in America.
  21. turboguard

    Thud when taking off from stop

    What the heck is the point even of a two piece drive shaft?
  22. turboguard

    Head to get new RAM towed

    I don't see them having to swap the whole tranny out with what you're describing, really sounds like the valve body just like mine. Remember, the valve body controls the shifting and shift points, if it was an issue with the actual transmission there would probably be other indicators.
  23. turboguard

    Head to get new RAM towed

    Hah, I had literally the exact same problem, same miles, on my Warlock. Turns out it was the valve body, which was on backorder, so I can only assume they had a bad batch of valve bodies. With the new part in, everything has been great so far.
  24. turboguard

    Gear Ratios on the 1500

    I look at it the same way with engines: Could've had a V8! Could've had 3.92's!