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  1. OC455

    2019 Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    Hi, Do you sell the touch up paint for 2019 Pearl White? Having a hard time finding it locally. Thanks
  2. OC455

    Why, just why.....

    For you NY'ers that live in rural will know what I am referring to. Other day, I had to take one of my kids to work, to the normal route....of course, I....not realizing that they just recently oil & stoned the one road that is the quickest way to get there. It was dark and only...
  3. OC455

    Trans Temps While Towing with My 2019 3500

    On my return trip from camping, I was curious to what trans temps were running on the 3500. On one of the long pulls on the way back that was steep and long, I had the cruise control set and was easily pulling the hill even though the truck kicked down into the lower gears and running the 3k...
  4. OC455

    Changing Up The Front End

    The 2005 1500 I have, the front bumper is a bit tweaked. The chrome looks like crap. I found a Sport front end in one of the local pick-n-pulls that isn't terrible. The Sport bumper would need some attention and black paint. Worth it? Regular cab, long bed ST.
  5. OC455

    Bushwhacker Trail Armor

    2019 Ram 3500 | Truck Trail Armor Rocker Panel - Best Rocker Panels for Trucks | Bushwacker Finally, They have the Trail Armor for the Mega Cab..... Guess I'll be saving up for a set.
  6. OC455

    4th Gen Rear Bumper Fit on 3rd Gen?

    Is there a difference between the mounting points between the 3rd Gen & 4th Gen rear bumpers?
  7. OC455

    2008 Dodge Charger Driver's Side Rear Axle Shaft

    Hi, I need one for my Charger, is this the correct part number: Axle Half Shaft, Left - Mopar (4726035AF) Apparently this has a magnet sensor for the ABS/ESP & BAS to work. Sorry, not RAM related.
  8. OC455

    Aftermarket LED Tail Lights that Work

    or the best source to get OEM tail lights, both without breaking the bank for cost. I am really not looking for any crazy LED tail light setup. Preferably dark backing with clear lens. 2005 Dodge Ram 1500
  9. OC455

    Just Noticed

    After getting home this morning, taking my buddy out for his daily morning ritual, I stood behind my truck on the passenger side looking down the side and then to the driver's side and looking down the side.... I noticed that the box appears to be more to the passenger side by about 3/16 to 1/4...
  10. OC455

    Setting Up WDH on the 3500

    Okay, Same camper I have had, same weight distribution hitch, new Class V drop shank/draw bar (2.5inch). Camper leveled as previously, took some initial measurements (front & rear) of the truck before hitching and then hitching up the camper. Used the lowest position on the drop shank/draw...
  11. OC455

    Kubota Headlight Retrofit

    Originally I was going to retrofit a pair of OEM fog lights with a set of Morimoto Matchbox 2.0 projectors. But now that I traded in my Bighorn for the Longhorn, the Gen4 fog lights I was setting up are just collecting dust. And I never finished them I removed the Matchbox projectors...
  12. OC455

    Looking At a 2005 1500 ST

    Surprisingly enough, my brother picked up a 2005 Ram 1500 ST as a spare vehicle. Now he wants to sell it because he's going to be using my parents Toyota for the run around rig. 4.7L regular cab, 8ft bed. I just looked at some pics of it and it looks to be in really good shape, 86k miles on...
  13. OC455

    Extang Tonneau Covers

    Are Extang Tonneau covers decent? Just curious as I got my tonneau cover finally and its an Extang Trifecta 2.0. It looks nice and seems to fit well.
  14. OC455

    HD Exhaust Tip

    Been searching the web and here, not really too much that I can find for exhaust tip for single exhaust 6.4L Hemi. Any suggestions that would work. The OEM exhaust just looks blah....was kind of hoping for a clamp on style tip to dress it up a bit. Short of replacing the rear part of the tail...
  15. OC455

    The Boss Lady Getting a New Ride

    The boss lady is getting a new 2021 Jeep Compass Limited. Much better than the Chevy Trax she has. Always felt like this in the Trax:
  16. OC455

    Ram Truck Site???

    Not that I am looking because I have a great truck, but was just playing around to see what could be configured, and the HO diesel option isn't there, and the 14k GVWR (dually) isn't an option anymore.... Just weird. Edit: I guess you have to click on a different link to get all the options.
  17. OC455

    Firestone XT's or Grabber ATX's

    Was looking at these tires as a replacement for the Nexen's.... I don't have a warm and fuzzy about the Nexen's for winter driving. Was looking at the Grabber ATX's and they have a good tread design and a 50k mileage warranty. I don't know how new the Firestone XT's are as I haven't seen them...
  18. OC455

    Solo Muffler

    Just got to get this put on and see how it sounds....need to find time....thanks @[email protected] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. OC455

    First Road Trip

    Went out on a little road trip today with the Longhorn. Set the cruise and let it run. Made one stop on the way out at a rest stop. Getting back out on to the thruway, had to really get on it to get to speed(short on ramp). I never really hit the throttle heavy like that before....always...
  20. OC455

    Digital Pressure Gauge

    I went and purchased this pressure gauge from Amazon as it had some decent reviews. 0 to 200psi gauge. Bought the extended length air Chuck for the rears. It is a little off comparing it to the psi shown in the dash. I put the air in the rear tires at 66.5psi with the gauge and it showed...
  21. OC455

    Saw This Last Night

    Saw this when I was working last night. Has SCA Motorsports all over it. Dont know much about it, but it looked pretty nice. Out in front of a local dealer. Black Widow? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  22. OC455

    Nice Little Cap for License Plate Screws

    Dealer used their screws to secure the new plates on...front plate only had one holding it on. Got new screws and these neat little caps from Advanced Auto. Had to get longer machine screws for the front because the license plate holder/bracket wasn't very secure on the bumper plastics. Got...
  23. OC455

    OEM Auxiliary Switches

    Those of you that have the auxiliary switches, what have you used them for?
  24. OC455

    Towing Capacity: Trouble Finding My Trucks Rating....

    Trying to use the Ram Website is less than desirable, and the generic charts don't look right as far as cargo & tow rating. 6292lbs. cargo capacity on the door jamb sticker, but don't have any info on the towing rating for my new (new to me) 3500 Laramie Longhorn mega cab dually, with the 6.4L...
  25. OC455

    6.4L 3500 Exhaust Options

    Anyone got any ideas for a little bit more rumble for the 6.4?