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  1. OC455

    2021 3500 hood

    I've noticed it too...not terrible, but it does it. Summer project now. Not warm enough to do here...
  2. OC455

    All Terrain Tires

    Nitto Terra Grappler G2's were quiet on my half ton.
  3. OC455

    Seen a 1500 pulling 5th wheel with no sag

    Probably upgraded springs, air springs or a combo of both...
  4. OC455

    2021 3500 horn sound

    Or you could retrofit a set of older Cadillac horns. There are three and four horn sets that work together that are loud. Look up some of the youtube videos about them. They almost have the same tone as a train horn without having to use...
  5. OC455

    Truck camper and rear sway bar

    Hellwig would help. The rear anti-sway bars are bigger than the factory ones and would help.
  6. OC455

    Couple of lighting questions

    Some of retrofitted 2019+ tail lights to the 4th Gen trucks. You may be able to do that too. Either the LED or the regular halogen tail lights would work because they still have the amber turn signals.
  7. OC455

    Retrofitting OEM projector headlights

    9005/9006 splitters will work. Just keep the headlight hot to where the permaseal is pliable. Keep a heat gun handy...
  8. OC455

    Retrofitting OEM projector headlights

    MLEDs should retrofit into your projector headlights, you just have to open them up and fit them.
  9. OC455

    Why, just why.....

    We have that here too.....cold patch just sucks.
  10. OC455

    Why, just why.....

    I get why it is done sometimes, but over a newly paved road?
  11. OC455

    Wheels for duallys

    Ion Alloys look pretty nice:
  12. OC455

    Why, just why.....

    This, they don't roll it at all. Their dumper just lays out an even layer and that's rolling or anything else. And if we're lucky they get a street sweeper out t remove the excess stones from the road.
  13. OC455

    2019 Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    After I realized what was done to the road, it was too late.....wasn't going fast either, it was so fresh, there were tire ruts in it. Plus they did it late in the year, so no warm/hot weather to get the stones to settle into the tar....
  14. OC455

    Can the 3.73 do it

    Yeah, but I have a ridiculous payload...if I had 4.10's I would be closer 17k to 18k towing.
  15. OC455

    2019 Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    Just a couple of chips in the hips..... They stoned and oiled a bunch of roads up here I couldn't avoid, and after I had it detailed, there were more than I initially saw....
  16. OC455

    2019 Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    Copy that
  17. OC455

    2019 Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    Hi, Do you sell the touch up paint for 2019 Pearl White? Having a hard time finding it locally. Thanks
  18. OC455

    Can the 3.73 do it

    You'd be over max on that truck. My dually has a max towing of 13792lbs. and I have 3.73 gears. The dry weight of that trailer would put me over too.
  19. OC455

    SumoSprings Solo Springs or Timbren SES

    On the frame underneath the driver's door. Worked out well there.
  20. OC455

    2018 Power Wagon with 5th Wheel?

    It's pretty low....
  21. OC455

    2021 1 Tow Package

    The pucks have the frame brackets already there, you just have to buy the pucks. The only hard part would be drilling the holes in the correct spots, but they give you the measurements in the diagram/kit to layout in the bed. Also have seen where some have made cardboard templates to go on top...
  22. OC455

    SumoSprings Solo Springs or Timbren SES

    I had the Timber Grove ASAM's on my 2018 Bighorn. I live in Upstate NY, and if you are worried about cold, I can say they do very well. I had them hooked up to AirLift WirelessOne system. Every time I started my truck, if the pressure was lower than 7psi I had the compressor set to, it would...
  23. OC455

    2013 2500 5.7 Hemi with Death Wobble

    Oversize tires are a contributing factor. But you have no lift, and replaced all the major components that would cause the wobble of death. So I would think you would be good with everything. Doubt the tires being balanced correctly would have been an issue in what you experienced. Might...
  24. OC455

    Why, just why.....

    Yeah, I'm not impressed right now, seems they've hit all the rural roads in my area with the nonsense. Just going to get the truck ready for the winter and have the detailer go through it. It needs the TLC anyway.
  25. OC455

    In desperate need of 5th wheel towing advise

    You will be over on payload and gross combined weight rating.....might want to look at a lighter 5th wheel.....Grand Design has their "half ton" towable 5th wheels which have lower pin weights than what you are looking at.