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    Adding Brake Line Extensions

    Hey fellas! Currently riding a 6 inch lift with 35s but looking to add a 3 inch body lift in the near future and maybe more. who here has done brake line extensions to put there kind at ease? I tried searching but couldn’t find anything. Just seems like my lines are tight enough with the 6 inch...
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    Upgrade From Cloth

    Anyone with the big horn heated seats upgrade their interior to leather? Interested on what brand you guys went with.
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    Supreme suspension 1.5 inches on ram sport wheel?

    Anyone running a 1.5 inch supreme suspension wheel spacer on a sport wheel without trimming stud? I was trying to google the backside view of the rim to see if its got the notches cut out but I cant find any pics online showing it.
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    Lifted with new tires - need advice

    Hey fellas. Finally pulled trigger and ordered a set of falken mt’s 35x12.5x20. Going on my 13 sport wheels with bike at 2.8 for now. I am almost 100% sure I’m going to need a spacer and need one fast haha. Anyone run a falken mt on the sport wheel with no spacer? If not which brand can get to...
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    Atturo MT or Falken MT

    Been tossing back and forth for about a month now and Im ready to make the call to the dealer for some new tires. The two Im looking at right now for 35x1250x20 are the Atturo Trail Blade MT and the Falken Wildpeak MT's. Ive seen reviews on both and will mostly be on the pavement with some...
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    Rough Country Added Rear Coils To There Lift....

    Anyone happen to browse through rough country's 6 inch lift on their website? They now have the coilover option in the front with rear coils in the rear.....anyone use this yet????
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    Tie rod cutting question

    Hey guys! Finally ordered my lift and is on the way! Zone 6/5 lift. My question is regarding the tie rod end cutting. When trimming the tie rod. What did you guys find was the best method and tool to use when doing this? Thanks in advance!
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    Pics Of Underbody Zone Lift 6"

    Anyone take some nice pics of there zone 6 inch lift kit from the under body side? Interested in the look/setup!
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    Where can I find a 3" or 5" rear coil spring?

    Hey guys, does anyone know where I can find a replacement rear coil spring for my 2013 ram 1500 4x4? Im trying to find the 3 or 5" replacement but am having ZERO luck unless I buy the whole dang kit. Any suggestions?
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    Anyone have/found a good video step by step for zone 6 inch lift?

    So I’ve been going back and forth for too long now so I’ve decided to pay more and enjoy better ride quality with a zone lift over rough country. Only question/issue I have is the instructions are sometimes not as descriptive as rough country has on there’s. Rough country even has a solid...
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    Atturo Blade MT Specs For 35s

    Hey guys! Was wondering if anyone some Arturo blade mts on there ram and know the actual specs for height and width for a 35x12.5x20. Getting ready to throw them on my 13 ram with bils set at 2.8. Looking to see how they’ll fit with or without a spacer. Thanks guys!
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    Need Help/Advice With Differential Cutting

    Hey good afternoon guys! Been following for a long time and finally a member! Had a question regarding lift kit install. Im going to be adding my own 6 inch lift. And Im 99% sold on the zone 6/5 lift with my bils that I have right now set up to 2.1. When reading the instructions its pretty...