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  1. Laramie17

    Removing towing mirror back panel

    Anybody knows how to remove the black plastic cover on the towing mirror? I was thinking on putting square leds on the arm, So would need to remove cover for fixation and wiring.. Thanks
  2. Laramie17

    Borla ProXS

    Finally installed 400487 Borla And it is just purrrrrrrre music!! Glad i have remote start to enjoy it every time before i have to ride the truck !!! No regrets
  3. Laramie17

    Montréal to New York trip, looking for a Borla retailer

    Taking a short vacation trip to visit New York next week I'll be staying in Secaucus NJ Anybody knows where i could grab a Borla pro xs (400486)in that area or near I-87 on my way, They seems to be much cheaper on your side of the border.... Thanks group JR
  4. Laramie17

    Hey hey, see what was in the mail!

  5. Laramie17

    Engine cleaning....

    Hi guys Finally sun is going out up north! Is it safe to hose wash or even pressure wash the engine compartiment??
  6. Laramie17

    Sunroof leak

    Brand new ram (less than 4500km) And roof leaking and dripping through the Bluetooth mic And map lights, Everything seems ok from outside Taking appointment with dealer this week Anyone experienced that problem?
  7. Laramie17


    Question Is there a way to activate Nav on a laramie ´17 Other than paying 600$ at the dealer? It seems that everything is in there, just need an activation Thanks JR