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  1. rbnhood66

    Let's See Your Off Road Lights

    Here's mine. About to add ditch lights soon.
  2. rbnhood66

    Let's See Your Off Road Lights

  3. rbnhood66

    I'm not a millennial.

    The ol Three on the tree.....LOL
  4. rbnhood66

    2012 5.7 overheating- dealer can’t fix

    I feel for ya. My issue with my 2012 5.7 turned out to be a sticking caliper on the front that was causing the extra load to be placed on the engine. Never would have thought of it till we were changing the brakes. I was having an issue overheating pulling my trailer. Had a whole piston in the...
  5. rbnhood66

    Lifted 4th Gen Pics - Show Em Off!

  6. rbnhood66

    White Ram Gang! Post your pics

    New to the forum, but here is my 2016 2500....