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    Nose Up...

    There's a stance that has the back end slightly lower than the front...either you know or you don't :^) For those that know; how many inches should I drop the back of a 17" Black Express such that it gives that rather slight interpretation of acceleration...without actually accelerating? Or...
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    Diablosport PCM / Handheld and 2017 5.7 / 65RFE

    Anyone installed a 2016 DS PCM in a 2017 6-speed?
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    Hood Scoop Pics...Show Me what You got...

    The new 1500 Black Express has a plain hood. Its OK I suppose, but I'm wondering whether I can get away with a stylish aftermarket offering. I'm really waffling on this as I detest installing anything that does not actually work :^D But I'm open-mined, so please post pics cause I'm curious...
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    Base-loaded AM / FM Antennas

    Plenty available from 3" to ~15". Anyone installed one - and what was the performance results please. TIA
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    2017 4x4 Wheel Size Confirmation

    Are the following OEM wheel specifications correct for a 2017 1500 4x4? 5 x 5.5" on-center 25mm offset Thanks in advance. p.s. considering these wheels: 22x10 Bronze Dodge Hellcat Style Wheels Set of 4 22" Rims Fit RAM 1500 W1x | eBay 22" SRT10 Viper Style Rims Black Machined...
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    Factory Service Manual

    Has there ever been factory service manuals posted for download?
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    Flowmaster 4" extended Tips

    Has anyone installed the following Flowmaster 4" exhaust tips? Exhaust Tip – 4.00 in. Angel Cut Polished SS – Clamp-On The dimension they give for length does not indicate it includes or dosn;y include to mounting portion. The last thing I want is to have these tips stick out more than the...
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    New and New

    Hello from cowtown :^) New here so I'll just jump right in if you don't mind... I've replaced what has been a great 05' Dakota with a 2017 1500 Black Express. Some questions if I may: 1) Is there switched PWR in the overhead binnacle that I can tap into for CCTV and radar? 2) Looking...