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  1. mighty noid

    Killerglass Installed

    Finally had a chance to have my buddy flush out the red coolant to blue coolant. So that it matches the truck and Billet Technology items under the hood. #killerglass The before with red and then the final look with the blue coolant.
  2. mighty noid

    Pinstripping - Flames

    Got this done today.
  3. mighty noid

    HydroBlue Color Match Intake Manifold & Stainless Steel Hardlines for Catch Can

    Been working on this project for a little while. I did this to my Charger years ago, like 14 of them. I just like the look of it. There is no performance value for it. I took a 5.7 manifold and took a grinder and Dremel to it over a few weekends to smooth out all of the ridges. Once I got it to...
  4. mighty noid

    R1 Concepts VS Power Stop Brake kits

    Hey there, I am thinking about upgrading the brakes on the 1500 but don't have the 3 or so grand for Wilwood at this time. So I have been looking around and these two popped up and both seem pretty good for the price points. Has anyone in here tired either one and have any good or bad...
  5. mighty noid

    5.7 bed to 6.4 bed exchange? Anyone...

    I was wondering if anyone has exchanged a 5.7 bed to a 6.4 bed? I was thinking about doing this so that I can do a deep dish wheel. Dually fenders but with wider wheels and tires.
  6. mighty noid


    Hey there Matt, I was wondering if there are any sales going on. I don't want to miss out. I am looking for Viking shocks.. :)
  7. mighty noid

    Verde V24 Invictus in 22" installed

    OK I just had them put on after having the painted to match, ceramic coated, new spline lugs and black wheel weights for balancing. It has the Inez 4/6 drop rolling on 285/45-22
  8. mighty noid

    Sport Mirror Clear Lens Cover

    Hey everyone, I was hoping that someone can help me get the model number for this part. I believe mine is cracked from the install of my blind spot camera install. Here it is. You tell me. Are they suppose to look like this??? THe pass side is worse.
  9. mighty noid

    New Hood Vinyl & RAM logo update.

    So I decided to change the factory decal to something that is a little more personal. Plus added a little color to the RAM letters. Before: Laying it out: Done:
  10. mighty noid

    Updated Lomax TriFold Cover with Colored Matched Vinyl.

    OK I just updatd the Lomax cover. I did like it black but it was time for a change. I had a buddy who does this for a living and he did a great job on this mod for me. He also made me a RAM logo and a few NOID add on's... The rolls of vinyl: laying it out: See the Lomax can handle...
  11. mighty noid

    Lomax Tri-Fold hard cover installed

    I just picked up the Lomax on Amazon for $730... and it took about a whole 5 mins to install it with a friend holding the rails... Here are a few images on it right now. One of the main reason why I chose this Lomax was that I could wrap it in vinyl to match the Hydro Blue cheaply instead of...
  12. mighty noid

    Paint it or Leave it alone?

    I had a can of PB in Blue, so I thought I would do this. If I like it, I will peel it off and go have it painted. OR just leave it black. What are your thoughts?
  13. mighty noid

    2018 Hyrdo Blue 2WD Lowered w/Inez 4"/6" Kit

    OK I ordered and installed this week about two weeks ago. I have had this truck for about 3 months so far. I was looking for a lowering kit for like a month before I decided with Inez Hotrods. I wanted to go low but still had a good ride. I was looking at the 2/4 kits but then I read a ton of...
  14. mighty noid

    Looking for part number for push button 4x4

    I am looking to buy this part but can't find a part number. I don't have a 4x4 but I want to try and use the buttons to turn on aux led lights and keep the truck looking stock. Any help would be great... Or if you or anyone you know has one... I wouldn't mind buying it...
  15. mighty noid

    Center console upgrade

    I got tired already of the feel of the center console, so I went California Upholstery in Bell Garderns for an upgrade today. Had them add some memory form and soft leather just like the steering wheel with blue stitching. It feels so much better. If you drive over 50 miles aday, this is a must...
  16. mighty noid

    Ice Blue LED upgrades & other goodies on my 2018 Hyrdo Blue Sport

    I really didn't care for the factory pale yellow LED's in this truck. So I watched a few YouTube videos and I decided that I like'd it enough to do it myself this weekend. First was the foot well lights. Here are some pictures of the before and after. I didn't get any before of the OEM lights...
  17. mighty noid

    Momentum GT Pro 5R Cold Air Intake System Installed

    Just finished installing this CAI. Took me about 30 mins. Very simple to install and looks better than OEM. I decided it needed a little touch of blue as well. I added a strip of blue LED'S. It lights up when you open the hood. Here is a before and after, plus a close up pic.
  18. mighty noid

    Hydro Blue Billet Technology Fuse Cover

    Just got this in the mail over the weekend. It is made by Billet Technology who do the best work out there when it comes to this type of work! Hands down!!! I do have the whole kit and Catch Can coming as well. They were able to get this item out right awat and decided to send it my way. I...
  19. mighty noid

    Flowmaster American Thunder- Moderate Sound Muffler on 2018 Hydro Blue

    Just swapped out the OEM muffler with this Flowmaster 817568 Direct-fit Muffler 409S - American Thunder® - Moderate Sound. It does mae a little growl inside the cabin when you step on it but not bad at all. No drone so far and I pretty sure it will not happen with it. I have two video clips...
  20. mighty noid

    Front Camera for RAM grill - 2018 Hydro Blue

    Need some ideas.... Has anyone seen a front camera for this style grill? It is the new style RAM grill. I would hate to just slide it between the flaps. I would like to see one like the RAM Head style. Maybe something under the A in RAM. If anyone can help me out that would be great. This...
  21. mighty noid

    2018 Hydro Blue with Carven 5" Tips

    I just picked this truck up on Friday and decided to add these today. Also you can see the 2006 Dodge Charger I have as well. I did a before and after. From OEM 4" chrome tips to the Carven Black 5" tips and yes I need to adjust the driver side a bit... :)