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    Rear brakes squealing after dealer rebuilt differential

    Well I got it all apart yesterday and fixed. I was going off the dealer's word when I said no parking brakes shoes. I hadn't actually seen it for myself. Anyway I took the passenger side apart which looked fine and thought wtf I thought they said there were no shoes... Got the drivers...
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    Rear brakes squealing after dealer rebuilt differential

    Long winded post ahead...apologies in advance. So I had my truck in for the rear pinion nut recall. Dealer found that the pinion nut had already started backing off and a complete rear differential rebuild was required. Took them almost 2 weeks, and the whole process was a huge pain in the...
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    Cracked fuel tank

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this before? Had my truck at the dealership for the airbag and rear pinion nut recall work. Ended up needing a new ring & pinion set that put my truck down for almost 2 weeks while waiting on parts, but that's a different story... While it was there I had...
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    New wheels and tires for my 05 1500

    I'm looking for some advice on new wheels and tires for my '05 1500 4x4. The truck is leveled and has what look like the Bushwacker pocket style fender flares (installed by the previous owner, he doesn't remember who made them). The flares stick out a good 2.5" from the side of the truck...
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    New guy to Dodge trucks

    Thanks. I'll check for the block in the morning. On my old Ford I was able to level the front end by cranking up the torsion bars, so I wasn't really sure what to look for on this new Dodge. Any suggestions on wheel width/offset? I'm thinking something in the range of 9-10" wide and...
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    New guy to Dodge trucks

    Just picked up my 2005 Ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.7L Hemi a couple days ago. I used to be a die hard Ford truck guy but I'm loving this truck so far, and it feels way more solid and powerful than any of the Ford trucks I've had before. First order of business is to figure out a set of wheels...