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    2500 gas powered comes without tow hooks

    The 1500 between 2011 and 2017 is a different animal than the 2500 and the 3500. Tow hooks are not the same. On the newer 2019-2021 2500 and 3500 I believe it is the same story. Also, the cummins diesel pickups have the tow hooks as part of the package.
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    2500 gas powered comes without tow hooks

    On the 2019 and newer gas powered 2500 (maybe the 3500 also) does not come from the factory with the tow hooks unless ordered as an option. How difficult is this to add at a later time? I do know that on the 2011-2018 2500 series this could be done and the local dealership had the kit in their...
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    Factory jack enhancements?

    In some ways I am really prepared: 24 inch breaker bar, a half dozen sockets of different sizes in a rubbermaid container, one foot square of plywood, 4x4 chunk of wood, tow strap, expensive flashlight, big shot filled mallet and large flat blade screwdriver. Where I need to step up my game...
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    Need to make buying decision based on towing; Please help!

    Having read most of this thread I think I see your situation. A few thoughts of mine: Used pickup truck pricing is crazy high. Better to purchase new. I like 2WD, but everybody says that 4WD has better resale value when you choose to sell it. I'd be shopping for a new Ram 2500 crew cab...
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    Vehicle upgrades for RWD

    Mine is a 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 2WD 5.7 Hemi and has the 3.73 axle ratio and limited slip diff. If you are making a decision to go into the rear axle for a diff change, then maybe some thought needs to be given for an axle ratio. With the weight of the travel trailer and the frontal area (wind...
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    Tie Down Solution?

    At the rear, the taillights can be removed for access. At the front corners a deep offset box end wrench worked well for me. Also, when I was drilling I had a buddy hold a wide blade putty knife between the cab and the bed so the drill bit would not puncture into the cab. Any piece of scrap...
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    Tie Down Solution?

    I purchased stainless steel pad eyes from a salt water marine supply house. Then purchased stainless countersunk fasteners (flat head) along with stainless washers and nylock nuts from Fastenal. The pad eyes that have four fasteners I located in the front corners of my bed. The pad eyes that...
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    SOS!!! PA emissions test

    My 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 2WD 5.7 gas powered Hemi has the same issue in Pennsylvania. Has a 3.73 axle ratio. The GVW rating is 8,800. The same truck with a 4.10 gear might have had a higher GVW rating and therefore might have avoided the troubles. I live in Chester County and had to bring it...