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  1. UnionFitter

    Difference in shocks/springs?

    Not if you have the transfer case with the “auto” option. The BW 44-45 (no auto 4x4) is a much better off road transfer case as it actually physically locks in 4x4. The BW 44-44 (with the “auto” feature) is a clutch driven transfer case which cuts power to the front wheels any time the front...
  2. UnionFitter

    New guy here

    6 weeks on the dot. I don’t have any of the fancy accident prevention stuff or anything else like that so it wasn’t on hold for the chips they were waiting on. I heard there was a whole lot of trucks sitting waiting for chips at the plant but mine when straight through. Mine was also built in...
  3. UnionFitter

    New guy here

    I’ve heard good things about those Fox systems. Not cheap though if I remember correctly.
  4. UnionFitter

    New guy here

    Have you looked at custom building a truck with a dealer for order? I did that for my 21 Classic and saved around 7k from the same truck on the lot. I started with the tradesman and added packages to build what I wanted so there’s nothing I didn’t want. I got it for $500 over wholesale plus an...
  5. UnionFitter

    Cash out your RAM??

    Recently sold my 2008 2500 CTD SRW with 260k on original 68RFE for 20k. Even had an offer for over that if I was willing to hold onto it for an extra 2 weeks. Never would I have thought I’d get that much for it. Custom ordered a 2021 1500 Classic and haven’t looked back. Zero regrets. I don’t...
  6. UnionFitter

    Do you have anything in your hitch receiver?

    I do the same as buckeyexx
  7. UnionFitter

    New to the Forum

    Welcome! Your truck is looking good!
  8. UnionFitter

    Crew Cab Classic made in Saltillo, Mexico

    Thanks crash68. Looks like mine is being built in Michigan. Well the shutdowns are going to suck for all parties involved.
  9. UnionFitter

    Crew Cab Classic made in Saltillo, Mexico

    I got my VIN yesterday too! Very exciting. My status is D1 which looks like it’s in line to be built. How do you know what plant it’s being built at and can we stay updated on the status from a website or something? The guy just told me he’d call me every once in awhile to update me. 2021 Ram...