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    4.7 stalling while driving and idling FIXED!!

    Check you ignition switch in your column. Might be burnt.
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    Window Defrost Time

    when I lived up north Id lay a sheet of plastic across the windshield and just pull it off in the morning.
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    Crazy Electrical Issues

    Bad battery,too
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    Riveted front lower ball joint

    Im thinking if there are rivets they are aftermarket lowers. Probably cheap ones.
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    Crazy Electrical Issues

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    P2320 Ignition Coil G Sec Circ

    After replacing coil and plugs, spent a day checking wiring, I bought a pcm from Flashmasters. Seems to have fixed the problem. Bad driver, I guess. or the coil went bad and blew the driver. I will update.
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    no acceleration after starting to drive

    Torque converter?
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    P2320 Ignition Coil G Sec Circ

    Me too. Just today. Replaced number 7 coil and two new spark plugs. Original coil was melted. Code still showing up. Cant erase it. 2004 ram 5.7. I know this is an old thread. My coil looked just like this.
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    Alligator seat covers

    Me like!
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    Multiple problems, 4x4, and stalling

    I was having a stalling problem with my 04.Couldnt figure it out. I replaced the speed sensor in my rear axle and it hasnt stalled since.
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    Oil Pan Bolt Access

    Mine was leaking there. It was my rear main.
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    03-04 5.7L APPS obsolete

    Got me paranoid. I was at the junkyard today and found a 2004 5.7. I yanked the APPS. $16
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    Spark Plug Change DIY

    Very easy to change plugs on these trucks. Before my 5.7, I had a Ford 5.4. Its an all day event and had to have $200 in special tools.
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    Pranks ! While normally taboo to mess with someone's ride ...

    I had a superintendent on a construction site that was all wound up all the time. He drove a company truck. 2000 Dakota 5 speed manual. When he was in the house I put a 2X4 block under his gas pedal.Kinda funny watching him take off and jerking and stuff in gear. He got out and accused me of...
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    Anyone know where this connector goes?

    wrong forum gen
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    High beam/Headlight problems with '03 1500

    I used these guys.I did the total overhaul.
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    APPS Needs Replaced

    I have a 2004 4X4 5.7. I was under the impression that the apps was built into the gas pedal. 53032268AE
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    2003 Ram 1500 transmission fluid leak?

    I replaced mine three times. Apparently, the tailshaft bushing was a little loose enough by 1/1000th of an inch to keep toasting my seals. New bushing-$9, new seal, $40.Mopar
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    Power Steering Pump 2004

    Will a newer Mopar ZF pump bolt on my 2004 5.7? Im getting ready to have to replace mine again. This will be number 3 from NAPA since Oct 2020. Yes, I'm using ATF+4. And I flush everything upon installation. New rack and pinion. Pumps are new not remanufactured.
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    Air Condition Issue- Works Intermittently - 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT

    My fan went out on my ac condenser. The lines going to it would get very hot. AC wouldn't work when idling, only when driving. I replaced the motor on the fan. Problem solved.Motor was $25 at autozone.
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    5.7l Hemi Oil Pan - After Market

    I put a new gasket on mine. I put my front end on Jackstands and dropped the front axle.Took a weekend.
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    Transmission bump (not during shifting)

    About 6 months. No shifting problems or codes.I do have the low speed stalling issue when i just filled up or the tank is half full. I ve changed the filters and fluid.Fill level is correct. No play in front driveshaft. The surge i feel in the drivers floorboard. Its like a pulse/surge.Not constant.
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    Transmission bump (not during shifting)

    I think I have that too. It almost feels like a bump and surge under the floor board on the drivers side.A very light bump.
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    Squeaking sound after replacing cv axle

    Were the splines in good shape coming out of the front differential? And did you put grease on them before putting the cv axle on? I got mine new from auto zone.Not re manufactured. I also replaced them as a set.
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    2003 Dash and lights

    Sounds like a front control module. Anybody else chime in.