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    Am I out of gas? **On side of road**

    I have been told that the gas in the tank keeps the submerged fuel pump cool and if you keep running below 1/4 tank it can eventually burn out the pump. At several hundred dollars for a pump I try keeping the level above half.
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    High mileage 318

    My 98 1500 318 has 210,*** on it, runs like a charm-----especially with its Christmas gift, a new fuel pump. Art
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    1998 1500 5.2 No spark. New crankshaft sensor

    I have always found it best not to buy used electrical/electronic parts----especially if they are hard to get to or replace. Just my 2 cent worth. Art
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    Sad first post. 2022 Laramie problems.

    They keep building them more and more complicated, and harder and harder to repair-----where is it going to stop??? With all the electronics, computers, sensors and wiring etc when is it going to stop? A new Ram equal to my 98 1500 gets roughly the same MPG and can do the same things but at more...
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    worst setup to change oil i have ever seen

    Zip lock baggie------Brilliant ! Gotta remember that one!
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    Very upset with FCA/Dealership over my outside mirror assembly.

    A few years ago the stealer quoted me $457.00 for a taillight for my Caddi CTS (no labor)-------2 days later I installed the $155.00 Rock Auto unit in about 20 mins. Bought a lot from Rock Auto since.
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    I hope I don't regret this

    For years Pontiac v8 (326, 389, 400 etc) put a nylon coating about 1/8 inch thick on the aluminum top -cam-timing gear. T he coating would last about 70,000 to 90,000 miles and then pieces would break off and jump time------I replaced many in the 60s thru 80s using steel gears that would last...
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    Question on Locking Lug Nuts

    My dealer told me that all techs there have a set of the special sockets or keys so they don't have to go thru your stuff to find yours to do a rotation. Of course that is for factory or dealer lock-nuts.
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    Fix a flat

    Make sure you replace the valve cap too. Have they checked the entire rim too, I have heard of a porous spot in the metal. Just my 2 cent. Art
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    Gen 2 engine died

    A little history first, 1998 1500 5.2 automatic, with 210,000 miles. Within past 600 miles heads have been off and checked, new cap, rotor. wires, plugs, coolant, battery and oil change. Repaired bad rubber fitting on evap cannister and one other vaccuum leak and that shut off "check engine...
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    Anyone else think their 4th Gen is a Lemon?

    I bet a lot of those probs are caused by the notorioulsy HORRIBLE roads in the Boston area!
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    Any chance you could just store the trailer at the campground for the winter? We have been to a lot of campgrounds that have a storage area, some even move your rig to and from the site for a few bucks. Art
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    Relay and Fuel pump bad at the same time?

    Had a customer (quite a while ago) that would drop off his truck with its key for an intermittent no start problem and never could find anything UNTIL he came in and I saw him take the key off a key ring loaded with keys and stuff---probably 2 or 3 pounds of goodies. The stuff was so heavy it...
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    Dealer made me a stupid good deal, so I traded

    Red and chrome-----very nice!!
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    $50 REWARD for solution - 97 Laramie 5.9 - DYING

    Make sure that the battery is grounded to the engine, to the frame and to the body. I fixed an older Bronco years ago by installing a ground strap between the engine and body-----the original had rusted and lost contact. With todays electronics a good ground is real important, Good luck, Art
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    Senior Citizen Club II

    Welcome Smokey, Been to Foley several times, real nice area------and LOVE Lamberts Restaurant, hope they havent had to change it any cause of Covid, etc. Art
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    very poor to aweful fuel mileage when towing

    If your trailer has a flat front maybe you could fabricate a "V" nose to help streamline it a little, that might help a little. Art
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    April 2021 Winner - chris1126

    Yup, love the chrome and lights! Nice job, definitely a show winner. Art
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    Ball Joints on 2 Wheel Drive

    This has probably been covered before but I didn't see anything so here goes. My 98 1500 2 wd has 209,000 with the original ball joints (no fittings of course). I know replacement is more than I can handle but can anyone tell me how long replacing all 4 should take so I can figure how much this...
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    The real consequence of driving without insurance

    Florida is a mandatory insurance state (rediculus low amount tho). You need a binder to get your tags-----so the scumbags pay minimum down, get tags and don't bother with any more payments. State is notified insurance has lapsed but is too understaffed to follow thru. Of course this is only for...
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    Right at my Towing Weight

    dhay13 said it perfectly so I will second it! Art
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    Trying to purchase this PW - curious if anyone knows it?

    I never trust Carfax-------I have seen too many vehicles reports with missing info that somehow never got reported to them. This includes my last Cadillac CTS, bought at a Caddi dealer----had a perfect low miles, 1 owner, no damage history Carfax and checked out good. Two years later the right...
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    Easy Recall

    I think that it pretty much the fact that when humans involved there are bound to be some errors-------especially on something as complicated and with so many parts as a motor vehicle. Just my 2 cent worth. Art
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    Tune up

    AWFUL expensive can of pour in the tank injector cleaner!! No wonder dealers get a bad rep. Art
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    WOW!!! I go home and polish my wheels and tires if they get dusty. He has a big job ahead of him. Art