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    Grease slung from front driveshaft?

    I was looking for the front driveshaft joint to grease in my 2021 PW (I greased that in my 2018 2500 Cummins) and discovered it’s a sealed joint now, no grease required I guess. However, I found a lot of grease outside of the rubber boot and a bunch more slung around under the truck. This is the...
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    Mopar OEM rock rails part number?

    Does anyone know the part number for the Mopar rock rails for the 75th? Not having any luck find them online.
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    New 2021 Owner

    Ordered a 2021 from Dennis Dillon a few months ago, picked it up last week. $53,000 was a much better price than I could get locally. Great dealership! -Level 1 -Graphics Delete -Tow Tech w/360 Cameras -Dual Alternators -Vinyl Floor -Bed Utility Group -Trailer TPMS -Mopar Side Steps (jury still...