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    Synthetic Oil

    I really wonder if the people that buy the EV understand where their electricity comes from. There are still a lot of coal burning sites around the country that produce their electricity. Second I wonder if people have thought about the cost to replace the batteries in their 5 or 10 year old EV...
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    Synthetic Oil

    I recommend going 3000. Oil changes are cheap compared to the alternative if you plan on keeping the truck for a while.
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    To white letter or not white letter?

    White out!
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    Bad experience with independent auto shop

    I never let a dealer change my oil. Some years ago I had a dealer change the oil while under warranty. The tech did not check to see if the oil filter gasket had come off with the filter. Got the truck back and within a few miles the engine went ****. The oil had been pushed out between the...
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    98 1500 5.2 Mystery Battery Drain

    IHad a parasitic drain a few years ago snd checked everything I could think of. Through dumb luck I found out the glove box light was staying on and after several days of sitting the battery was drained so low it would barely start.
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    Is it just me?

    aint I have a red 97 1500 that has a shine/ gloss that looks like it was just painted. it gets compliments all the time. I use Eagle 1 Wax as you Dry every time I wash it. I give a thorough wax once per year. Original paint looks great!
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    Replacing Dash Gauge cluster

    It’s too bad they changed clusters on 2000. I have a complete new cluster for the 94-98 Ram. I have had my cluster out and is easy to remove. Yours should be easy but just take your time and do not force anything.
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    Catch Can

    I mounted a CC on my 97 5.9 about a year ago. Mounted it on the inner fender in the engine bay. I get about a tablespoon of oil about every 500 miles in the can. one big benefit is it helps keep the intake and throttle body cleaner since the oil mist never enters the intake.
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    I have used Liqui moly MoS2 with good results. Engine runs a bit cooler.
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    Get rid of soccer mom tires

    I know everyone has their on stories about tires whether they have had are good or bad. I was an engineer with Pirelli for almost 30 years and am now retired. I had the opportunity to see just about all the tire manufacturing plants around the world including competitors. I personally would...
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    5.9l Misfire

    Let me throw my 2 cents worth in. Almost all if not all 5.9 magnum heads will have hairline cracks between the intake and exhaust ports. Some 5.2 will have them but not very often. This is because the ports are so close together. Chrysler knew this but continued to produce them anyway because of...
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    To Black Out Or Leave Alone

    Great looking truck, leave it alone!
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    B&M diff cover

    Thsnks for the advice. After viewing the video I have decided not to put the B&M one on. Looks like Banks is the best one but they do not make one for a 9 1/4 Chrysler rear end.
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    B&M diff cover

    Thinking about installing a B&M diff cover on my 97. Has anyone installed on on their Ram and did you like it or have problems with it. Thanks
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    Tire question

    Amen to that!
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    Tire question

    I know a lot of people on this forum do not like Goodyear tires. However I bought a set of Fortitude HT all season for my Ram with 17 inch wheels and I love them. They ride very well, have good grip and are not noisy. Do stay away from the SRA’s and AT/S. And the raised white letters look great!
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    Spray over factory bed liner?

    Google rhino lininga website and they have it listed for sale. if you have any doubts give them a call. they are friendly and will be very helpful.
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    Spray over factory bed liner?

    I have a 97 with a rhino lining bed liner. It is red like my truck. They make a coating that you brush on and it makes the bed look like new. The coating comes in several colors. i refresh my bed every spring and it always looks great. you might want to check them out.
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    She Rides Like a Lincoln Now!

    Ever think what the constant extra weight might be doing to your axle bearings?
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    Why are manufacturers still putting chrome on trucks?

    To each his own taste. I personally like my Ram Sport with the grill painted to match the rest of the truck. The Red grill looks great.
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    Truck stalling

    Clean the throttle body. Just spray it with throttle body cleaner while it idles.
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    Oh no, tires again!

    Have to tried to look for Pirelli Scorpion tires. i have had a set for over 5 years that wear like iron.Am going to replace them next spring only due to age snd not tread wear. Just a thought.
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    Yet another oil thread..

    that is very true but engine lubrication where metal meets metal is the same and oils react differenly under various temperatures and pressure. Worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years and have seen some crazy stuff.
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    Yet another oil thread..

    To me it is like the old Fram commercial “pay me now or pay me later” I would not risk changing oil formulations now just to save a few bucks. You can do a lot of oil changes versus an engine rebuild or replacement engine. PUP has taken you this far without issues. Let it take you all the way. I...
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    Shuts down at idle

    Glad I could help another Ramer!