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  1. charonblk07

    How-To: 4th gen hemi cam installation

    The clips were installed on the 3rd gen non-vvt engines; I’ve been using the same rocker arms in my upgraded heads since 2012. They don’t do much except make installation a little easier. Stanke makes a bolt-on version of then if you want something similar, I personally find them bulky...
  2. charonblk07

    who is running the jeep TJ ECU cover

    They went from a 4-post PCM to a 2-post PCM in ‘13 when the 8-speed was added. I doubt the cover would fit the new pcm since those pcm connectors are huge. I did this mod a while back in my ‘09 and paint matched it to the truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. charonblk07

    8HP70 Swap Options - What am I missing?

    Welcome to the Mopar life: Make it more difficult, more expensive, and harder to go faster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. charonblk07

    Strictly the 4x4 lowering thread...

    After running around with the 4.5/6.5 for the past few years and having a lot of angle on the front upper control arms I decided to do something about it. As I had the engine out for the swap, I decided to raise the upper control arm mounts. I did have to notch the passenger-side mount to...
  5. charonblk07

    How-To: 4th gen hemi cam installation

    There isn't anything majorly different between the VVT and non-VVT other than you'll have to pull your EGR tube when removing the intake manifold and some hoses are in different places. If you're replacing a damaged lifter it's a good idea to at least scope the cam through the lifter hole, it's...
  6. charonblk07

    Egr delete now power loss

    When you did the delete, did you disable the EGR in the tune? Also, when was the last time you cleaned the throttle body and intake?
  7. charonblk07

    How-To: 4th gen hemi cam installation

    If you need a hand with anything, you can get in touch with me since I'm in Calgary as well and if I'm in town I'm normally down for helping someone else out. If you're on FB I'm also in TNR, BertaRams, etc.
  8. charonblk07

    How-To: 4th gen hemi cam installation

    1) The 2 fans would be part of the clutch-fan removal step that I linked to, the one that has broken links in it and wasn't mine so I can't fix it; I also can't edit the posts anymore because it's been too long. 2) The radiator will be different between the 1500 and 2500HD, I can't speak to the...
  9. charonblk07

    Porter Cable 7424?s

    I started with a 7424 and it was a solid unit. I ended up selling it and going with a Cyclo polisher. It's a dual 4" pad polisher and looks like a hair dryer out of 1930 but it has a lot less vibration compared to the 7424 and the dual 4" pads give it a 4"x8" path that makes large panels a lot...
  10. charonblk07

    Kore CV Shafts

    They are proven to handle 700hp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. charonblk07

    8- speed tranny swap

    I always forget how tiny the 46r is.
  12. charonblk07

    8- speed tranny swap

    Currently, nobody has been able to make it work. It's easy to do with a resto-mod, but integrating it into the earlier trucks has been a no-go for everyone that's tried it.
  13. charonblk07

    5.7L with Hellcat Supercharger?

    The Hellcat supercharger does NOT bolt onto the 5.7L or 6.4L heads, there is a different port design and bolt pattern and it doesn't bolt up. If you get a blank set of heads heads (think Thitek) you can get them machined to accept the 6.2L supercharger head unit. You will need to notch the upper...
  14. charonblk07

    5.7 Hemi swap for a 6.4 Hemi into a 07 1500 QC LB 4x4

    I port matched my ARH when I did the Eagle head swap. Laid the new exhaust gasket over the header, marked the new port shape, reamed it out by hand then sanded down to a 320 finish. Just have to be careful not to grind through the welds or you’d have to get them welded on the backside. Sent...
  15. charonblk07

    5.7 Hemi swap for a 6.4 Hemi into a 07 1500 QC LB 4x4

    You can put a newer 6.4L truck engine into your vehicle fairy easily without the need to swap the engine harness. You will need to run a phaser lock in the camshaft's phaser assembly to stop the VVT, then you can either leave the VVT solenoid in place or make a block plate for it. The reluctor...
  16. charonblk07

    Oil filter

    If you're ordering an oil filter online, I would NOT run a K&N filter, they have poor filtration vs others for the same price. The Royal Purple EL filter has one of the top filtration rates of any of the synthetic filters. If you're planning on running extended oil change intervals then you 'd...
  17. charonblk07

    PCM Q's...

    It would still be locked, there is a physical change that needs to be made to the PCM to allow it to be overwritten. The cheapest route for an unlocked PCM is to buy it through places like diablo or any of their resellers like Moes.
  18. charonblk07

    Check out my new Aluminum 468 for my Daytona

    Awesome buddy! Which pan did you end up getting. I want to swap out the factory steel pan for an aftermarket one with a temp sensor **** in it and keep looking at a bunch of them, obviously the 4L80e aftermarket is huge compared to Dodges, lol.
  19. charonblk07

    How-to: 4th gen Ram/GM transmission (4L80e) swap

    The Reid bellhousing doesn’t have a lower cover but I believe you can use a stock 4L80e cover, you just need to drill the cover for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. charonblk07

    Is Schwab lying?

    The guy is full of shit. Unless the lift kit manufacturer specifically states in their kit that you need to run a minimum wheel diameter then you will be perfectly fine with 17" wheels. Some long travel kits require 18s, but I've never heard of a reputable lift kit requiring them but I've been...
  21. charonblk07

    Little Design/Research progress on Manual swap

    The only thing I don't see is a PCM upgrade. Were you going to just ground the trans wiring or try and get TrueStreet to flash the PCM to a manual?
  22. charonblk07

    Chris's 6.4 Hemi Stroker Truck

    I did the exact same thing. Just some MDF to get the height where I was happy with it. The only thing I did was coat it in epoxy resin to seal the MDF.
  23. charonblk07

    Chris's 6.4 Hemi Stroker Truck

    Don't you love how the bottom of the console is flat? Makes mounting everything so much easier.
  24. charonblk07

    Trinity T1000 vs Pedal Commander

    I compare the Pedal Commander to my Audi car's selectable drive types: Race, Sport, Dynamic, Auto, and Comfort. Race any Dynamic adjust the damping rates for the shocks but the other modes directly affect the throttle response. Comfort is normal throttle response, Auto allows low-throttle input...
  25. charonblk07

    Remote oil filter how-to

    The kit comes with metal screws but I drilled and tapped the frame since it's thick enough to get 3 full threads which is enough to hold everything.