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  1. joelmic

    Tailgate light bar!!

    You might be totally correct, but gimme a break right??? once again, you dumped good $$ into this, and it's made not to withstand expansion and contraction??? That's enough for me to say "bad engineering"... the end Sorry you TOFTT but I'm not getting mine now... I'll do something else funky...
  2. joelmic

    Tailgate light bar!!

    I didn't pull the trigger cuz of this... a year or 2 can go by fast in truck world, to have something this expensive and 'obvious' fail is a shame indeed.
  3. joelmic

    Forum title correction

    Sounds reasonable
  4. joelmic

    Fluid Capacities

    I posted this same Q in the MOPAR forums with my VIN and they got back to me with everything I needed to know Basically you'll need 2+ quarts, but you only FILL to 1/8" below your fill plug on level ground... depends on how much your drain out too. I also bought one of these to use in getting...
  5. joelmic

    Need to buy a new tire sensor
  6. joelmic

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Where'd you get that grill???
  7. joelmic

    Brake Pads

    Shipping at RockAuto kinda sux but it still saved me big $$ got what I needed... THNX again
  8. joelmic

    Brake Pads

    WOW!!!!!! Awesome
  9. joelmic

    Brake Pads

    Oh I'm not in a hurry at all... so THNX for that. I have some extra $$ and just planning ahead before winter
  10. joelmic

    Brake Pads

    Finally found the Powerstop Geomets selling by themselves, that was a trick... I can just get Wagner OEX pads from O'reillys ... $72?? that sound about right
  11. joelmic

    Brake Pads

    I had this in my wish list cuz I wanted Power Stop... But should I get the Wagner pads instead???
  12. joelmic

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Oil change today, then went into my MOPAR account and updated 'maintenance history' Was gonna change my rear Diff oil at 44k but I took the cap off and that fluid was CLEAR, I didn't feel like messing with something that looked that good... I even bought this to clean out with...
  13. joelmic

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    I love CGs, I to have about 10 products, I'm not gonna complain about any
  14. joelmic

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    My plastic bottle already stripped out... I saw a bottle with a metal top somewhere... I gotta get one soon.
  15. joelmic

    Happy Fathers Day guys

    Not enough kids are growing up with 'Dads'... sad
  16. joelmic

    Bulb list for 4th gens

    HAHAHA, wife just saw the blue LEDs today and said I should get some!!! probably just some floods tho....
  17. joelmic

    New Power Wagon owner- Missouri

    WELCOME from MO also, and spend time here, you'll learn a lot indeed.
  18. joelmic

    cabin filter

    If you're removing it just a grip with needle nose pliers and give it hell... unless you have a bee hive on top of it...
  19. joelmic

    Best Mods for Under $100

    Mine are doing fine, no signs of any wear.
  20. joelmic

    Parts by vin

    I just made a post in this forum here: Left my VIN # and he got right back to me... That's what makes this place GREAT
  21. joelmic

    Remember & Honor

  22. joelmic

    Recommended Exterior Cleaning Product

    I do too... I use MrPink but I'm gonna try one of the others soon. I too have a medium pressure washer and a really good foam cannon... I like making suds But I also don't rely on the foam alone, I have the 2 bucket system and wash with big head microfiber mitt on a stick
  23. joelmic

    Alignment going out every 6 months

    This has been my experience, our roads in MO are crowned sometimes horribly, it's hard to even find a FLAT road to test on And if you are in the right lane pulling that trailer, you are tilted right anyway...
  24. joelmic

    Can I use redline 75w140 for limited slip if I don’t have LSD

    You might wanna post your VIN over at All Mopar Parts forum... I was gonna buy the same fluid but my truck called for 90, not 140
  25. joelmic

    Best Mods for Under $100

    GOOD JOB^^^^^^^

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