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  1. tjbrowder

    2500 6.4 Cold Start

    If I start my truck from cold, and just move it around my driveway then shut it down, every now and then I will get lifter-pump up knocking for a few seconds on the next start. Never have this if the truck is driven far enough for it to get up to full operating temperature. My Charger Scat Pack...
  2. tjbrowder

    Mobil 1? Why not?

    I get mine from Amazon....has always been in stock every time I have placed an order. I order a Wix XP filter along with the oil. Usually get the oil and filter on the way a week or two out before the change.
  3. tjbrowder

    Mobil 1? Why not?

    Really depends on whether you have a major engine failure while under warranty. FCA would most likely ask your servicing dealership for all maintenance records including receipts. If FCA sees an oil that does not have their specific approval on it, they could go the route of denying warranty. We...
  4. tjbrowder

    Mobil 1? Why not?

    I think the contention is over the FCA specs for the or the new ms-A0921, of which Mobil does not have a recommended product according to their website.
  5. tjbrowder

    2500 6.4 Cold Start

    Normal for the 6.4.
  6. tjbrowder

    Mobil 1? Why not?

    Same as the Pennzoil 0w40. It’s blended and packaged by SOPUS (Shell Oil Products US). Pennzoil is a brand of SOPUS.
  7. tjbrowder

    Mobil 1? Why not?

    I ran the Pennzoil 0W40 SRT oil in my Hellcats (2016 narrow body and 2018 widebody Challys), my 2017 Scat Pack Charger and now in my truck. No issues whatsoever. Can get it on Amazon or the no problems getting it whenever I need it. Use whatever keeps you happy.....your truck, your...
  8. tjbrowder

    Ram Quality

    I have owned many different truck makes.....Ford, Chevy, GMC, Toyota. They all have their good and bad points. However, I can say with all honesty, my 2021 Ram has been exceptional in all aspects so far. Quality of build (fit and finish and lack of rattles or squeaks, panel alignment, etc.) has...
  9. tjbrowder

    Selling my Power wagon

    Nice truck......enjoy!!
  10. tjbrowder

    Interested in PW

    Can you please provide more details into what failed? Cam, lifters, spun bearing, threw a rod, etc.?
  11. tjbrowder

    Interested in PW

    My 2015 and 2021 never I guess I am one of the lucky ones. Probably just jinxed myself....
  12. tjbrowder

    Interested in PW

    Excellent advice. The Pennzoil 0W40 meeting MS-A0912 also carries the new API SP approval. I used to work for Shell, and I can confirm that FCA worked closely with Shell in developing the 0W40 Ultra Platinum for SRT engines (6.2 FI and 6.4 NA). This is the only OEM approval this oil carries...
  13. tjbrowder

    Odometer Mileage

    Interesting.... I presume miles from point of manufacture to the dealership are not recorded since the truck is shipped in "ship mode" so nothing would register in the navigation.
  14. tjbrowder

    Interested in PW

    Not nitpicking at all! These are expensive trucks, and I applaud you for asking as many questions before deciding if it's the right truck for you. I did have a rear locker issue right out of the gate.....turned out to be a bad connector at the rear diff (where the harness plugs into the rear...
  15. tjbrowder

    Interested in PW

    My 2015 had zero engine/transmission issues. Clocked 65K on it before selling. No odd engine noises, and I let the MDS run as designed. My 2021 only has 5K on it, and all is well so far just like the 15. The 8 speed teamed up with the 6.4 is a perfect match.
  16. tjbrowder

    Power Wagon Gen 5 mud flaps / splash guards?

    Debating putting some of these on....can you please post up some pics?
  17. tjbrowder

    Trying to purchase this PW - curious if anyone knows it?

    I would request better pics of the passenger front tire.....looks like it has seen its share of curbs.
  18. tjbrowder

    New PW with clunking noises

    I get a little bit of drive line slop every now and then when slowing up and then hitting the accelerator again.....but nothing out of the ordinary for a HD drivetrain.
  19. tjbrowder

    Wheel help and opinions.

    Very nice!
  20. tjbrowder

    Hood flutter?

    Had some bad hood flutter doing around 80 MPH passing 18 wheelers. Had very heavy crosswinds that day as well. I seriously thought my hood was going to take off! Passed another Ram 2500 and saw his hood doing the same. Other than that day under those conditions, it seems pretty buttoned down.
  21. tjbrowder

    Gotta ask...MPG

    I want to say 89.
  22. tjbrowder

    Gotta ask...MPG

    My 2021 manual notes 87 for the 6.4. I know years before it was higher. Have been running 87, and average around 11.9 for mixed driving....heavier on the stop and go side of things.
  23. tjbrowder

    New Challenger?

    Will be interesting to see the market adjustment Ford dealers put on the new Raptor. I can already see $10K minimum in the Houston area.