core 4x4

  1. Dilligaf-23

    specs on Alignment with rear adjustable control arms

    I put a 2/4 drop and core 4x4 adjustable rear control arms. stock 22" wheels. Keep having troubles of where it needs to be adjusted to. Does anyone have alignment specs for this setup?
  2. Socalramfan

    Which Color?

    Gonna pull the trigger and order up some Core 4x4 products. The whole enchilada….. Upper, Lower, Panard, and Sway links and when they hit the market, I’ll go with the UCA for the front. Question is: Which color to go with? Looking to compliment, and accent the suspension and Ram. DO NOT...
  3. Waterfowler41

    How to: Install Core 4x4 Rear Lower Control Arms

    The following is a quick walk-through of how to install Core4x4 lower control arms. Even if you are just replacing like for like, this walk through will apply. I installed some fixed length lower control arms on my 2020 Ram Rebel the other day. These will beef up the rear suspension and...
  4. Kustomblack1

    CORE 4X4 over 2 years no issues

    If you have issues with your core arms I guarantee its not the arms themselves.
  5. Olkutty

    2018 lifted 4x4 1500 Express

    I bought it new. I’m not a fan of chrome on trucks, so I went with the Express. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles I wished it had, but I love it. I’ve owned several different colored Rams over the years, but I’ve always wanted a black one. I finally got it last year.. Zone 4” lift 22”...
  6. Kustomblack1

    CORE 4X4 panhard bar install

    CORE 4X4, the strongest parts you will buy for a 4th gen RAM truck! CORE 4X4 panhard bar install with promo code attached!
  7. Kustomblack1

    Grease for CORE 4x4 control arms

    Direct from the man!
  8. Kustomblack1


    Hot damn hell yeah! Some good o'l dirt road action!
  9. Kustomblack1

    Switch to CORE 4X4!

    Do not purchase Spohn control arms for your RAM truck!