2011 ram runner-ish

Alex Lagimodiere

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Mar 25, 2020
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Winnipeg mb canada
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Hi there, i have been working on my truck for just about a year now (on and off, busy life) and now that ive been driving it... i kinda hate it ‍... the suspension is all over the place and im not really sure why.
I re did the front end with jba upper control arms and i got a set of fox 2.0 in the front that i got used and had rebuilt. The problems are the truck sat a half inch lower on the driver side when the shocks had the same pre load settings (gas tank was almost empty) and when you go over a dip in the road it felt like the back end was wiggling side to side. So I leveled out the front and it seemed like the truck was going over dips and bumps just fine....went over a big one and then it felt like the truck was bouncing around from 1 corner to the next. I've hit these same bumps or dips in over
Ther vehicles and they act normal. Idk If I forgot how the truck drove and it's always don't this or if this is new fron suspension changes. Do I have the front to tight? (It is set so it's slightly higher in the front, I also have fox 2.0 ifp's in the rear) I feel as of the truck isn't balanced and Is almost not really stable or safe on the highway. Any advice is appreciated!20211204_143253.jpg