2014 ram fix Led Light Error alphaobd


Jul 19, 2021
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5.7 Hemi
2014 Ram Led Tail Light parking Bulb Out Error Fix.
Hopefully this helps someone else.
In a nutshell: put a 6olm resistor on each line. Yes, that will be 2 resistors on 1 tailight and 2 resistors on the other tailight. And take off the manufacturers resistor if you want.
Long story version: I had original halogen tailights, switched to led bout year ago, and had 0 problems with them. I threw a rock or someone was shooting at me, not sure, and busted my back tailight. So I reordered some more (different brand). Installed them and got the parking light out error Everytime I touched my brakes or blinker only when the lights were on. I bought alphaobd and spent hours playing with different settings and playing around with everything as well as searching the internet with no luck. Sent those tailights back and ordered a different pair. Same thing happened. So I finally went to the store and bought another resistor, it's all I could think to try. As soon as I put it on the errors went away. I took the manufacturer resistor off too, just to see if it did anything. It works fine without manufacturer resistor. Error free..I can not stress enough what I've been thru with these lights. There is another option of going into the fuse box and getting the green wire with white stripe and grounding it. Well, I'm kinda nervous doing that, but I've done got it all apart and that was my next option. Lol Glad I tried the resistors first.. idk if taking the resistor off the blinker will work , you can try it, but for me, I'm running the way it is for now.. I hope all this helps someone else..