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Oct 11, 2017
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Hello Everyone- I need some input on my 2015 2500 4x4 currently in the body shop with a front alignment issue probably from a hit and run front left swipe.
My right front tire started wearing fast. I though maybe it was just one of my aggressive driving moves and blew it off, unfortunately I was dealing consumed with helping my mother recover from a stroke and the truck took back seat. Then one day I realized that a wide white scuff across my left side of my front bumper was probably a delivery truck turning too close to my truck when going around it where it was parked, NOT me thinking I scuffed it on a parking pole in one of my dummy moves, and this is must be why my right front was wearing quickly. I have off set wheels and the vehicle caught the left front tire sidewall along with the bumper.
Flash forward; I have taken it to two alignment guys, first told me it wasn't too far off after putting it on his laser computer system. But the tire kept wearing and there was a slight pull to the right. Second alignment guy was when I had to breakdown and replace the two front and he said when on the lift the suspension seemed to hang a little crooked.
SOOOO. I made an insurance claim, considering there could be something bent or damaged that would cost far more than my deductible, the body shop worked with their alignment guy. They didn't find anything glaring, but when they "aligned" it the steering wheel is not centered. NOW HERE COMES THE RECALL ISSUE.... My Drag Link adjuster sleeve was inspected by the dealer service and they put spot welds on the lock nuts to the adjuster sleeve. This has kinda spooked the body shop, alignment guy and my insurance adjuster. But when I showed them the records of dealer doing it as part of the recall they understood. But my steering wheel apparently does not center when the truck is aligned. This was never and issue before and my tire never wore like this ever since I bought the truck in late 2017.

So, my logic says that something is tweaked to cause the alignment to wear my right front AND for my steering wheel to not be center after computer alignment specialist. Any ideas? Insurance is saying they don't see any damage to be paying for....
Has anyone experienced similar AND is there any reason to not cut the spot welds on the drag link adjuster to adjust steering so my steering wheel is centered? I have to sign a release of liability for the alignment guy to do that, obviously we would tack weld after final adjustments.
Attached is the alignment reading before and after and my two front tires after removal, notice right's wear and shoulder round. I am at a loss here and worried that I may find out there is something tweaked down the road that my insurance should pay for if I do not solve this right now. Any help is appreciated.
Note, Is the right rear Toe too much(.23) compared to the left(-.03)?


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