2016 Ram 2500 Park Sensors in rear

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Jul 31, 2023
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Good evening everyone. Having a rear park sense issue. So far, all 4 rear park sensors have been replaced and the wire harness for the sensors has been checked and it's fine. When I back up, the sensors work fine, the back up camera works normally. When the truck is put into drive and you approach about 8 mph, you get the ding and the message Service Rear Park Sensor appears on the instrument panel and then you get the Park sense disabled message. Currently, the park sense button on the center console is illuminated and when you press the button, nothing happens. When you back up, the message disappears and it operates normally. I thought I would ask everyone's opinion before I go any farther with the diagnosing. Thanks for your help


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Apr 17, 2013
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I sometimes get a message about that, but just ignore it and everything seems to be fine.
If the light is on the switch, it is turned off , not on.
You can tell if the endgate is down, mine will ding at me, when backing up, and camera will be looking at the ground. Mine is a 2014
If you have a trailer hooked up, then you would want it off as well.
I have never done anything to mine, and seems to work as it should.

BTW, I have front ones as well , and I think its the front that I get the error message about, But not real sure about that. about 1 or 2 times a year , the truck will not pickup the key fob , but next time it is fine. Computer glitch I guess. Gremlin pissed off?
I bought it new.
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