2019 1500 etoque


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Feb 6, 2018
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Couple questions after reading replies...

1 - If the Etorque "system", as he stated, goes out, you can keep driving it? How does the engine battery get recharged if the Motor Generator Unit drops dead?

2 - What's to stop someone from picking up used parts from LKQonline? I mean... supply and demand can drive prices in either direction but, the most expensive part is the battery and that's only $900.

If it meant using or not using my truck for an indefinite amount of time, I'd have it towed home until they got parts at the stealership, swap in a used LKQ (they guarantee their parts) battery pack and keep driving until they dealership called. Swap the dead pack back in... Once they replaced the defective pack with a brand-new pack, I'd set the spare in storage or resale.

Ya'll may think I'm nuts on this stuff but, there's a point, it doesn't make financial sense to wait on the supply chain. Woman I work with had an accident and it took them 2 1/2 months for the parts. In the meantime, she spent $2000+ on rental cars. I have NO idea why she didn't have rental coverage, but she didn't. And at the height of the car shortage... rental car companies were robbing us just like the dealers did. LKQ had the parts for $800 but she wanted brand new parts on a 100,000 mile car. SMH!