3500 Air Suspension Changes


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Apr 10, 2022
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Huron, OH
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6.7 Cummins
I’m reaching out to any 3500 owners with factory OEM auto air leveling suspensions. I’ve already confirmed with Ram Parts & Support that the air suspension only auto levels front to back and NOT side to side specifically stating “According to available information, the rear air suspension system does not control each rear air suspension spring independently; therefore, the air suspension system does not provide side to side leveling.”

That said, I’ve purchased the AlfaOBD app and OBDLink MX+ to see if I could change the values and see results thru other means. I’ve read many of the posts in this forum on this subject. I’ve gone in search of documentation on AlfaOBD, which is virtually non-existent for the Suspension area of the app. I’ve watched the YouTube posts for guys (1500’s) changing their air ride level. I’ve replicated what everyone has done using the AlfaOBD. I can see the changes using the Write Measurement Ride Height procedure in the ASCM_PN_Info.Log. There are no fault codes. I’ve shut the vehicle off and waited the requisite time. NO CHANGES in measured heights. NONE! And I changed the settings several times with increased differences between left and right to surely observe SOME difference. But NOTHING!

I know the 1500 owners have had success writing changes. And while I can “write” changes, NOTHING happens. I’m beginning to think that the statement “….air suspension system does not control each rear air suspension spring independently” is inherent regardless of the settings in ASCM_PN_Info.Log.

Unfortunately, I’m getting radio silence by emailing the developer as well.

Are there any other 3500 owners out there having any success?

Plan B, which is quickly becoming Plan A, is starting researching local suspension shops to swap out the air suspension with traditional leaf springs, but having limited results. I’ve emailed AirDelete.com for help. But it appears they only sell kits for 1500 & 2500’s. Even the dealer won’t do it due to limited control over the computer and shutting off the air suspension. BTW, I did find the thread on how to “Disable Air Suspension” on this forum. But it must be specific to 1500’s, because the option is NOT present on my 3500’s BCM screen looking for “BCM > P/T Chassis Net – ASCM Air Suspension Control Module”

Any 3500 specific help would be appreciated.