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Sep 23, 2016
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Hemi 5.7

The last picture is where I still need to put plastic clips on the airdam.

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Jul 9, 2021
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So we have a ton of awesome DIY's, I wanted to organize them. If we find it helpful / complete, lets keep it. If we find its not helpful, or beyond repair, we can easily delete this thread. Also Note: We have a TON of threads in the DIY section that are simply not a DIY. They may have some info, or very little. Some have nothing to do with being a guide. We should work to clean this all up and make the DIY section abit easier to navigate and browse.

Note: I posted this as a work in progress so I can get opinions. I'm going to work on this quite abit tonight to try and get as much in here as I can. If you have a DIY that needs to be added, or I missed a big one, shoot me a PM or post in this thread with the link to the DIY for me to add.

Exterior DIY's
DRL module install for Sport Headlights by firemedic10584
SLT Tow Hook Install by dan1911
Adding Foglights to 13+ Tradesman/SLT by 1500ram12
Adjusting your Headlights by 0212353
2012 Ram 2500 SLT Front Bumper and Fog Light Add by cardoza76
How to Fix Puddle Lights by tylerr2
How to debadge by Trupiano
2010 Ram 1500 hidden winch install by wagunner
LED Fog light pods Install + Review by firemedic10584
LED pods in rear bumper by Slightly Tweaked
Onboard Air System and Train Horn Install by jgruberman
Mounting lights behind grill without brackets by Thor09
Power Folding Mirror Upgrade by 12sportmc
2013+ LED Taillight's into any 4th Gen by emjohn4
How to disassemble side view mirrors by OMALLEY_808
C-Bar Taillight retrofit by Rzrman328 (Needs Updated Pictures)
Installing and Removing Door and Fender Badges by OnSale
Turn Signal Camera Install by mcheath
Fogs on with High Beams by Musclemckeester
Tapping Into your Cargo Light by stebs
Tailgate Cupholder Magnet by Vapiper
Exterior Door Handle Swap by DisturbedGator
Headlight Alignment by beavermosh
How to Install Morimoto Projectors in your 4th Gen Headlights by 0212353 (Needs new pictures)
Installing Air Horns by wermbang

Interior DIY's
Turn Off Seatbelt Chime by deveny7
Adding Heated/Ventilated Seats and Heated Steering Wheel by Ricks Ram
Premium Cluster Upgrade 1 by cody4130
Premium Cluster Upgrade 2 by R.L.K.
2013+ RA3+RA4 8.4" Radio Conversion Upgrade by MADDOG
RA4/NA (8.4" Radio Info) Thread by Mpgrimm2
2013+ OEM Steering Wheel Audio Control Install by cgeorgemo
Adding Overhead Console by Sideshow
Cabin Air Filter Mod by Trupiano
Oversized Amp Install (Behind rear seats) by jgruberman
Folding Rear Seats by jguberman
OEM Footwell Lighting Installation by MPG LOL
Adding Auxiliary Switches to a 2016 2500 Tradesman by abbttb
2015 Center Console Swap DIY by hankRam2015
Homelink Buttons used as Aux switches by firemedic10584
Installing OEM Backup Camera by cptwing
How to Swap out Speakers by 2K10HemiRam
DIY Fold Flat Floor by clifford15
LED Conversion Thread + Bulb List by Treburkulosis
OEM 4 Button AUX switch Panel by myoung84
Cupholder Lights by MaizeNBlue\
Upper Glove Box Install by trmat79
Headliner Removal VIDEO by SOCAL
Door Panel Tear Down VIDEO by SOCAL
wow you are the man, thanks for compiling this