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4th Gen Ram 22" Sport Wheels / Purchasing Value and Authenticity

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by circuitguy, May 17, 2019.

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  1. circuitguy

    circuitguy Senior Member Supporting Member

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    Aug 10, 2018
    Elk Grove, CA
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    2017 Ram Tradesman Regular Cab
    5.7L HEMI
    I find many used factory OEM 22" sport wheels being offered for sale online and in the wreck yards. Most have these listed around $1000 a set or more for quite some time with no buyers. Sellers are unaware of what the market will accept as a sell price. I see the ones that are in mint condition without tires have been sold for around $600 to $800 a set, the ones with curb damage "most for sale do have this" brings the sale price down even further. Having tires can add some value but it many cases makes them unrealistic to purchase as the ship cost would be so much higher then the wheels alone. I know all of this because I have been looking for a set for my Ram for over two years now. I find so many available for sale but every time I find a mint set for a fair price the sellers tell me they sold them within hours of when they were listed.

    Also if your looking for a set of these be aware that there are factory OEM ones and aftermarket ones. You can tell the difference in the spokes, the OEM ones have rounded corners on the spokes, the aftermarket ones have square corners on the spokes. This makes it easy to tell without asking the seller. The other way is the factory OEM markings and part number that is only on the rear of the factory OEM wheel, I have included a pic to show this detail.

    Just my thoughts... :)

    Please anyone chime in with what on your mind about this or to contribute more facts about them.




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