5.7 cam or injector, very disappointed

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Feb 4, 2017
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Wild one, thank you for those 2 videos. That was some great information. I called summit and ordered the hellcat oil pump. I will send the melling pump back once it arrives. The cost difference is right at $35 with tax. It shows that with the hellcat pump I will see about 5Psi over the melling but the rotor being 2 mm thicker will deliver a slight more volume. And it’s about a 17-18% more then stock pump.
What weight oil are most of you running in these engines. Mopar wants 5-20. Or are you running a 5-30, 10-40?
I will be using the Brad Penn oil with zinc additive already in it. Just need to decide on the weight. Also will stay with the Napa gold filter.
Finally got cam out today and it does have the lobe wiped on the #5 intake. The lifter has a locked up roller. To me this is a combination of poor oil pressure at idle and poor part design. I struggle to believe it can be an oil issue. I changed oil every 5000 miles like clockwork. New filter every time. And none of the other 15 lifters show any clue of being close to failure.
And it seems like the #5 has been the issue on many of the lifter failures as I read more of these threads. Well hopefully this will be my last failure.
Tomorrow I plan on removing the oil pan to clean it out, looks like I need to let the front differential drop down some to remove that pan. Then wait for all my parts to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. I can go ahead and install my new cam and lifters and put the intake back on awhile.
I’ll keep you updated on progress.
Thanks Rod