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Adam’s Polishes

Discussion in 'Adam's Polishes' started by MoPowered, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. MoPowered

    MoPowered Retired Military

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    Feb 17, 2020
    Orange County New York
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    Been detailing cars for a few (40) years now, built it up to a side business for several high dollar makes and original paint Muscle car’s for a select few friends. I’ve seen your ad’s for the Graphene product Ceramic paint protection. Is the Graphene in the product in place of Silicone, Titanium or Carbide products, is it a carrier or stand alone formula.? I ask because I know the carbide products infuse at a molecular level with the paint and is pretty much permanent.
    I consistently use BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond all finish paint protection from Palm Beach Motoring Group and the clarity of the wet look finish is astounding and outlast’s many mainstream popular product’s. I have used some “wish to remain nameless” ceramic product’s over it and have found that the sio2’s tend to cloud and haze over it. I then have put an additional coat of the BLACKFIRE to bring the gloss and clarity back. Will the Graphene cloud, haze, or dull the clarity and depth of other product’s or does it bond like the carbide ceramics at a molecular level infusing with the paint? How will it take other product’s over it, will it allow for surface bonding or just repel them?
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