All the Bells and.........

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Jan 22, 2023
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What's up all!

First time on the forum but long time truck owner.

Having a tough time with what many of you have dealt with or will deal with ......THE ABS SYSTEM

FRUSTRATED . Have wagon 6.4. about 2 months ago the lights on the dash started going on and off where the bell ringing. Saying check electronic braking system and then of course the illumination on the dash is ABS and track and control.

December 6th I took it to the dealer and they said yes. It's the hydraulic ABS module. They're going to order the part but unfortunately the parts not available until they can order it on January 18th. I wait for January 18th and they give me the bad news that they won't even have the part until middle of March.

This is a problem that Dodge has been dealing with for a while and had a recall but unfortunately not my VIN number.

The problem is I am in Colorado and when I put it the vehicle into four-wheel high it locks up everything front and rear. Not usable higher than 5 mph.

I'm contemplating pulling the fuse or fuses on the ABS system.

I'm all ears if you guys can help