Allmopar customer service

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Mar 16, 2012
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I recently placed an order with this vendor and there were a few stumbles. I do not expect perfection from anyone, mistakes happen. What matters is how those mistakes are addressed.

In short, the first order was lost in shipping by a UPS contractor. Obviously not the vendor's fault, but they immediately reshipped and said they would follow up with the shipping company. The second order contained one part that was incorrect, so someone in picking made an error and grabbed the wrong thing most likely, as the shipping list was correct.

I was very pleased with the speed and courtesy that this vendor, and particularly their representative on the forum here, addressed the issues and remedied it. So while I seldom take the time to write online reviews, figuring my free opinion is worth what you paid for it, I wanted to say thank you to Benny and Carlos publicly for owning the error without question and getting me the correct parts in as timely a manner as they could.