Anyone with a 4th gen rebel? *cross post for visibility


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Nov 11, 2019
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Hi there,

I have a 2014 slt which I regularly off-road. I was looking at buying a steel bumper for it but found a rebel bumper in pretty good condition and super cheap. I only got the bumper, two brackets and the skid plate. I found the schematic for the parts which I need to buy but I don’t have a diagram of what goes where and more importantly how much hardware I need.

Can anyone help with diagrams or photos of the bumper assembly? I called my local dealer and they sent me the part numbers and diagram but they don’t know how much hardware I need nor do they have the assembly diagram.

I’d be willing to PayPal some cash to someone if they took some high quality/detailed pics of their bumper for me (the backside of course)

thanks in advanced