Asking for a courtesy vehicle from the dealership

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Nov 6, 2022
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New Orleans, LA
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Hemi 5.7
An update on this:

I was in kind of a pissy mood when I made my original post, so sorry if I came off as caustic or anything like that.

The truck was dropped off on 9/28 (I make the appointment in early August and this was the earliest spot they had available). I was able to borrow a buddy's truck while mine was in the shop. He offered it for my use, so I didn't want to rock the boat with the dealership arguing over a loaner.

On October 3, I texted their customer service line to get an update. The reply was that they still hadn't looked at my truck, and that if all went well they may be able to look at my truck on the 6th. At that point I asked about getting a courtesy vehicle.

The response was that they don't have any new vehicles to loan out, but I can use one of their "retired" courtesy vehicles if I didn't mind. I didn't mind. But they wound up giving me a brand new Ram to use while I'm waiting.

On October 10 they let me know that the driveshaft has to be replaced under warranty, which is why the truck was making a clunking noise at stops and when taking off. They believe that may be why the steering wheel is clicking also.

They said that the suspension issues are still from when they replaced the exhaust manifolds last year, and they are taking care of that also.

They said expect at least two weeks for parts to come in.

I texted them on 10/25 for an update and got no response.

I texted them again this morning and so far have received no response.