Bumpers: winch & light bar

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Jun 17, 2021
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Good comments by Dean. Different reality.
I have driven bad roads and no roads in every western state except Montana. But I have never "gone four wheelin'" once. I could not afford to stay stuck. I could not afford to break a company truck or a new rented truck. I never called a tow truck. There was no phone service. I was usually alone. I walked out only once after breaking a front axle. Was it fun? Sometimes.
I hear you. Have to admit that sometimes we were four wheeling but even more often we were just going point A to point B. A great many of the people I rescued fell off of main paved or gravel roads because of road conditions. Also pulled out a ton of guys who got stick on frozen lakes or on ice roads travelling between communities. Driving conditions, even on main roads in northern Alberta and the territories makes a lot of southern off road driving look pretty tame.