Cargomaxx HD on 2500


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Apr 10, 2019
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Been working my truck pretty hard, and a lot more often over the last couple of years. Put the new bed on it and added bags to help reduce sag when towing or hauling, but it just didn’t seem stout enough, especially lately having to haul hay this fall. My father-in-law keeps saying I just need to upgrade to a one ton, but I just cant swing the cost of a new one.

I began looking around for heavy duty springs and came across the Dayton Cargomaxx HD coils for the rear that claim to increase payload by 35%. I tried researching these springs to see if anyone had put them on their 2500, and had good or bad results, but there just wasn’t anything out there. Lots of guys said they run them on the 1500 and love them, but nothing specific to the 2500. So, I took a leap of faith and dropped the coin on a set (found some on ebay for less than $375 to my door). I had not idea if they were better than stock, but figured if nothing else, my old springs may be fatigued, and could use a refresh.

There’s another company out there called Tuftruck making similar springs, but they’re considerably more expensive, so with the interest of a budget, I opted for the Daytons. They came in today, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they went in. Put them in and while in there replaced my shocks with some KYB heavy duty upgrades. Took her for a test run and MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It finally feels like an HD truck again. Cant wait to see what she does next time we haul hay. Will post up measurements and such below.

Just wanted to put this review out there for anyone else that may be on the fence about doing the upgrade. If you’re like me and probably should be running a one ton but just cant upgrade the entire truck, these seem to be the way to go.

Here’s a shot of the springs compared to stock, as well as before and after measurements.


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