Clutch giving me fits

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Feb 21, 2019
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Bend, OR
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Hello. I am having slipping issues with my clutch on my '04 3500 with the 6 speed. When going up a hill pulling a trailer in 6th gear it will start to slip. This is even with a very light and empty trailer. At times you can even get it to do it without a trailer behind.

This is part of an ongoing saga with this truck and the clutch. The truck used to belong to my father-in-law and he was having a slipping issue and took it to the dealer for a new clutch as the timing/ miles at the time seemed reasonable. They got into it and said the clutch was still good. My in-laws ended up putting in a new clutch anyway since it was opened up and had a decent amount of miles at the time- 150k ish.

Fast forward a bit and I have the truck and am having issues with it. Slipping sometime in high gear and commonly in reverse like backing up a trailer or backing to a trailer. I make an appointment to get a new clutch. This time I bought a heavy duty aftermarket unit that I took to the mechanic. He got it open and said the same thing- clutch is not worn out. Again, we opted to put the new one in since the tranny was out.

So that was maybe two years ago. We have also replaced the master/ ***** and throwout bearing.

I am at a loss here. I seems like somehow the clutch just doesn't have the pressure against the pressure plate that it should?? Multiple mechanic shops have been into it now and none have said- "well here's your problem", but there is obviously a problem going on.

Any ideas??

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Jan 8, 2020
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Firstly, is the engine stock?

Secondly, 2 years ago did you buy a complete assembly; matching clutch friction plate and pressure plate?

Based on the symptoms it sounds like faulty pressure plate(s) with weak springs.

Is the clutch dry and clean (no oils leaking on it)?