Cruise control/turbo actuator

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Jan 9, 2021
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It sure if anyone else figured this out. We all know that we are prone to turbo actuator problems. We also all know we are prone to cruise control issues. Has anyone else figured out that the two are the same issue?
I didn't realize the connection at idle would act up. Only work intermittently at first then not at all.
The I got the codes for the actuator. Once I finally got Stellantis and the dealer to replace the assembly (at 110,000 mile...outside of warranty because I had been arguing for months with them and they insisted it was only the actuator and until the code that came up specified 'turbo' they wouldn't do anything. Could not get them to understand that the actuator controls the turbo...they needed to see the actual word in the codes until they replaced it) they asked how things were. I replied "it acts like a new truck...even the cruise control works again." They said they didn't do anything to the cruise but they were glad it works.
Fast forward two years and two months...yep! That's how long the turbo replacement that they wanted me to pay $10000 for until I finally got them to do it. Actually Stellantis told me they would cover $7500 and I had to pay $2500 but the new service rep at the dealer ate the $2500 after hearing the whole story. Oddly enough two weeks later(only a month after he got the job) he had "a family emergency down south and probably would not return"
Anyway...the dealer and Stellantis would not do anything.. the dealer insisted it wasn't and it could be something else even though all the turbo codes were showing. They told me they would have to do more diagnostic testing and it would take about eight hours and cost me about $800. I said you don't have to do more diagnostic testing if it was something else the codes would tell you it's something else the codes specifically say turbo and they are all turbo related and it's not building boost. It's the turbo. the dealer said well. Our turbo guy is pretty good and he doesn't think it's the turbo. I said well maybe he needs to go back to school because it is the turbo. Regardless, I called CITY DIESEL And ordered one of their Bill turbo actuators and did the replacement myself. Immediately after replacing the actuator, I realized that the high idle would work every time and that's when the cruise control must somehow be wired through the turbo actuator. Long story short… If you're having problems with your cruise control, start start preparing yourself to do the turbo actuator and turbo because the problem is coming.


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Sep 25, 2014
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Cruise control itself has nothing to do with the turbo/actuator, But just about any engine/powertrain code stored in the system will prevent cruise from working. The fact that you replaced a faulty actuator (which cleared the codes) is what fixed your cruise
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