Drag link update install


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Aug 23, 2021
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Just a follow up question on this recall.
Are dealers now able to get this part if we take the truck in? Or are people having to go through RamCares in order to get the recall done correctly instead of the ludicrous welding "fix"?
Short answer: no they can't, based on my experience.

Longer answer: I went to my dealer because my truck needed an alignment and they baited me in with "welding was the old fix" and that "they could overnight the replacement drag link". This was after they had my VIN and confirmed the recall. Low and behold I pick up my truck with a welded drag link. I go back into the service department pretty hot. He gives me a story about his hands being tied and that they have to complete the fix per factory guidance. His VIN check was just high level and didn't actually confirm the fix when I originally went in.

Being pretty frustrated I tried here based on the positive results others have posted. Now I've reached out to Sarah @RamCares and she was great!! Took my info and got my case setup. Sharita contacted me this past Monday to get my dealer info to ship the new drag link to. She said it would all be covered by Ram under the recall and would call me again to setup an appointment once the part gets to the dealer. I'm halfway through the process but its looking pretty good so far. I hope to be like Green's positive outcome. Not the greatest process by any means but the final result is what it should be.


Feb 27, 2015
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I did the same as QuadRacer. I brought my truck in to get the nuts welded because at the time they were not offering replacement drag links. After reading some other posts here I reached out to Sarah as well and she setup a case and I was contacted by someone from Ram a few weeks ago to get me setup with the dealership and get the part sent to them. I have not heard back from anyone since, but I will follow-up in a few weeks if I don't.