Eco diesel engine died.

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Dec 31, 2021
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Hemi 6.4
Eco diesel is dead at 109 000 km. The engine died last week on the highway. Heard some knocking for about 30 seconds and tried to get off the highway than the low oil pressure light came on and it was done. Had it towed to a guy I know that works on a lot of diesel engines and also sells parts for Rams. Didn't take long to tell me the engine is done. Looking at 18 000 to drop a new engine in. I don't want to put a cheaper used Eco diesel engine in because my faith in these engines is not great and a used engine wouldn't have much of a warranty. The mechanic told me I should have bought the Hemi. Said Eco engines have too many problems and he's seen this plenty of times before. Never has a vehicle die at a little over 100 000km and I was religious with maintenance and never towed with it. So frustrated.
We always maintain an extended warranty on our Ram trucks. After the first 100,000 mi we get one for another 50,000 mi. Then we buy a new one. The warranty paid for itself on repair savings on the 2014 5.7L Hemi. Our 2022 Eco-diesel has been problem free for the first 22k miles (except for a rear seat belt that got shoved between the seat and backrest without getting bolted in by the factory worker - ha!).