Geno's Garage Catalog #100 - Spring 2018

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    Check out our new Geno's Garage Catalog #100 - Spring 2018 online.

    Whether it's maintenance parts or accessories, have a look at what you need (want) for your '89-'18 Ram Turbo Diesel truck. And it seems Spring has finally decided to show up around the country, so time to take care of those things on your truck you left for warmer weather.

    New products in our catalog include:

    - Auto Meter DashLink OBDII Digital Gauges.
    - Covercraft seat covers for '09-'14 Mega/Quad/Regular Cab trucks.
    - Carter fuel module and assembly for '07-'18 trucks.
    - Fuel Filter Kits for '97-'99 trucks.
    - Billet Aluminum Fuel Filter Head Kit for '94-'96 trucks.
    - More weatherstripping for '89-'09 trucks.
    - 2003 Dodge Factory Service Manual.
    - plus replacement parts, specialty tools, fun stuff and more....

    You can also request a print catalog.

    Thank you for your business. :)

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