Got my 1988 Hay Truck back from shop


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Dec 27, 2019
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Stephenville TEXAS 76401
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SO I'd dropped my 1988 Dodge hay truck D250 gas Flat Bed Western Hauler OFF at the mechanic shop as we left to go on vacation Back in September ..We'd be gone & Heres the list of little crap I'd like fixed..
We'd be gone 3 weeks .. So you've got plenty of time to fix it.
WELL of course he got busy. Nothing done when I GOT HOME .. NOTHING done in October.
Finally after checking on it about 25 times . He fixed several little things & Then ask what's all did you want done. Dang SO I FOUND MY LIST . &hE FIXED A COUPLE MORE THING & Called & said it's ready . HE'D WORKED ON my dash cluster . So when I drove off I turned around & took it back .. My SpeedOmeter doesn't work . nOR DOES THAT LITTLE Red Pointer that tell you what gear it in. Not a very important item on a farm truck .. But this truck is rather nice for what it is ... I think it only has 86K ON IT. .
so they call me a week later & Say It's ready .. Well at least the Speed O meter worked good & steady this time . No red pointer .. .........
..... Man As I drove it home I sure did drive nice ... I'd forgot how nice it handles ... Power steering is soft... I say the Ride is nice for a D250. / 10ply tires. Still noisy but I have all the window sweeps out of it as I'm planning on getting it painted. & I have new sweeps & some more gaskets. New Grill & head light surrounds . I need a Ram for my hood. I have the mounting bracket but not the Ram.
& I want to Change my passenger side door. As I'm getting ''long in the tooth''
& I'm going to fix the Power window on the pass side so I can use it But I want the hand crank on the driver side . I'll bet that stirs up some commits .. Sorry the way I want it .
AT Least my heater is putting out some heat now .. New Blower motor .. some new doors .. New EVAPORATOR core & Heater core. & Resistor .
...But as I was driving it home It sure did run nice . But the CEL had been on & I ask if he could get it to turn off. It's off & 1ST THING i NOTICED was that the truck cranked on it's own. Kept the correct idle & never dies, like it had done for the last year .. It'd normally crank & die & Have to be restarted several time Like maybe 10 times before . But it just ran much better, even driving down the highway.
... It's one of those love / hate things .. He seems to do good work when it's him working on my truck.
But I REALLY Like to drive this old 1988..