Hemi vs Pentastar - Towing Recommendations

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...what's this bolt do? *plink* ...oh.
Jul 5, 2018
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Mist, Oregon
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2017 QC 4WD SLT
Pentastar 3.6
I've only done one pull with mine so far, but my trailer has nearly the same weight and size specs as yours (2022 Forest River NoBo 19.2). I have 3.21 gears. Even with a crummy 4410 lb max tow, as long as I'm careful about what I stuff into the trailer, I'll easily stay within limits.

Towing it home empty at 3700 lbs (because options) was a breeze. No real visible squat to speak of, and fuel consumption was still around 17-18mpg (usually I get around 21 or so empty). I didn't really notice the rpms being too awful high - around 2500rpm, with occasional gusts to 3000 or so on the really steep uphill drags here in the Oregon Coastal Range (I live in a somewhat isolated mountain valley, so every road in/out of my 'neighborhood' is twisty, narrow, and occasionally steep.)

I would say that, judging from my highly limited experience, keeping it in Tow/Haul mode, plus stepping up the tempo a little on oil changes and other maintenance? For 2-3 trips a year a v6 should be just fine as long as you stay in limits.